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A safe path with snow-melt installation

A snow-melt installation on top of a 300-metre pedestrian bridge, suspended over a busy U.S. interstate highway and railroad tracks, became the first large-scale use of Uponor PP-RCT in North America. The bridge provides a safe pathway to thousands daily and combines the two sides of Utah’s largest public university in Orem.

Net-zero emission office building combines Uponor technology and science

Opened in July 2020 and covering a total area of 1,500 square metres, Greenspace PCTG in Asturias, Spain is an example of truly sustainable construction. The building aligns with the goals of the European Circular Economy Action Plan and places energy efficiency measures as well as the use of renewable energy, healthy architecture and low-emission materials at the core. Our Thermally Active Building Systems (TABS) played an important role in this project, as it enabled minimising the building’s energy use and creating net-zero heating and cooling.