Water Monitoring Services services for municipal and single family home water network monitoring

Uponor offers services for both municipal potable water network monitoring as well as single family home water consumption and leakage detection. With Uponor’s solutions you can monitor your water consumption and water flow while getting real time information if something is happening in the network.

Safeguard drinking water networks with Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Uponor's real time water quality monitoring service enables network owners to understand water quality variations.

The importance of drinking water for all of us is increasing. Urbanization, growing world population and climate change are creating stress for world’s drinking water resources.

The water sector needs to provide safe and accessible water also in the future.

In Uponor, we believe that the access to clean, safe and affordable water is a basic human right. With rewarded Uponor Water Monitoring Service water utilities secures their water supply. The system monitors flow, direction and volume in real time. It detects leakages and anomalies in water quality. Continuous, real time monitoring with early warning allows network owners to take action immediately upon detecting anomalies.