Our strategy

Uponor is a leading partner and a pioneer in sustainable water systems and indoor climate. We are well positioned to benefit from the megatrends of net zero, productivity and clean water.

We build on our strong market position in plumbing and indoor climate and we continue to expand in the commercial building solutions segment. On the infrastructure side, we continue to grow our sales of designed solutions to industrial customers.

Uponor’s profitable growth strategy is centered around maximizing the core and sustainable innovation.

Our strategic cornerstones


Maximizing the core with systematic growth plans and commercial excellence

We will drive growth by leveraging our strong position and accelerating growth in our core categories through systematic growth plans, commercial excellence, and M&A.

Sustainable innovation of integrated systems and sustainability solutions

We will drive growth through a step change in innovation and new technology development and create synergies across our divisions and categories.

Lead construction industry towards net zero

We will lead the construction industry towards net zero by pioneering sustainable water systems and indoor climate solutions. Our aim is well connected in our ESG targets.

Instill performance mindset with People First initiative

We will pursue our strategy by strengthening the performance mindset of our highly engaged and diverse team of Uponorians.