Our stakeholders

As part of the extensive value chain of the construction industry, we interact with many different stakeholders. Understanding their perceptions and expectations regarding sustainability is highly important to us, as collaboration is the key to sustainable business development. By mapping collective priorities and engaging in continuous dialogue, we give all key stakeholders a voice in our sustainability work. We value collaboration from each stakeholder group, as it helps us improve and work together to move the entire industry in a more sustainable direction.

Our key stakeholders:

Current and potential customers: The greatest level of connection with our customers is through in-person meetings; connections on jobsites, in office, and at industry gatherings. Due to the pandemic, we have additionally invested in different kinds of virtual meetings, events, and forums to support valuable dialogue. We participate frequently in industry fairs, conferences, and trade shows. Additionally, Uponor regularly publishes industry and solution-related news on our websites and in social media channels. Our intention is to continually connect with our customers, partnering in building a more sustainable living environment.

Current and potential employees: Our company is one rooted in collaboration and our workplace culture reflects this. We communicate with our employees regularly through effective communication outlets, including the intranet, Yammer, social media channels, and email. We organise face-to-face events with purpose and encourage teams to engage in a variety of teambuilding events. We conduct an annual engagement survey of all our employees and utilise the feedback to enhance, maintain, and build upon our ways of working.

Suppliers and partners: As we recognise the importance of our entire value chain, we aim to build long-term partnerships with our suppliers. It is important to our collective purpose that we connect on a regular basis and develop our partnership effectively. We lean on the Uponor Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure best practices in our supply chain partners, which includes means to audit and assure continued alignment. We maintain an open and fair supplier selection process.

Shareholders and investors: Rooted in transparency, accountability, and informational alignment, we organise quarterly results briefings and an Annual General Meeting for those financially invested in our purposeful work. We have regular investor meetings and participate in roadshows and investor events. We comply with our Disclosure Policy when interacting with our shareholders and investors.

In addition, we collaborate actively with selected trade and non-governmental organisations, promoting the common interests of the industry and different sustainability-related initiatives towards the authorities and policy makers. We aim to be a part of the conversations that shape how we respond to industry-wide problems, developing tangible and scalable solutions collectively. Additionally, it is important to Uponor that we are acknowledged as a good corporate citizen in all the locations where we operate.