Moving water

through cities, buildings

and homes

Who we are

Water is a scarce, yet fundamental resource with a tremendous potential to provide comfort, health, and efficiency when utilized through Uponor piping systems.

Unlocking the potential of water to protect the place we call home – this is our purpose that challenges us to continuously find new ways to conserve, manage and move water responsibly and develop systems for the delivery of safe drinking water, healthy indoor climate and infrastructure. 

We do this with a clear vision in mind: to lead the development of sustainable water solutions.

That is how we are making a difference in the defining issues of our time: conserving water and energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and supporting the future of skilled labor.

Our safe drinking water, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling systems, and reliable infrastructure solutions are sold in more than 80 countries. 

Uponor Corporation is based in Finland and listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Uponor is part of the Georg Fischer group, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 

What we stand for

At Uponor, we believe that water holds the key to a sustainable future. With a purpose to unlock its full potential and protect our planet, we are leading the change in sustainable water solutions. From cities and buildings to homes and the planet, we see ourselves as stewards of the world around us.

With over a century of expertise and proven performance, we rise to meet the challenges of today with tomorrow’s innovations in delivering water safely and intelligently, while minimizing the use of energy and maximizing comfort.

Partnering with our customers, we are committed to advancing their goals and moving water, innovation and our industry forward with an entrepreneurial spirit like no one else.

We are dedicated to the idea that by moving water, we can reshape and accelerate the construction and performance of buildings and infrastructure, resulting in more sustainable homes, communities, and ultimately a healthier planet. We are a force for change, moving water to move the world.

Uponor. Moving Water.

Over 100 years of expertise

Trust forms the basis of any successful partnership. This is the basis on which they can build, in a literal and metaphorical sense. We create trust together with our partners: Customers, prospective customers and suppliers. We establish this with shared knowledge, quality and sustainable results.

This is what we have been doing for over 100 years.