Engaging inclusive performance-based culture puts People First

At Uponor, our people are our most important asset. Our People First agenda, consisting of five key pillars, aligns our people strategy to our overall company strategy to not only maximise business results, but also employee engagement, development and career development. The five key pillars of the People First strategy are: Culture, Leadership, Talent, Employer Branding, and Wellbeing and Safety.


At Uponor, we are committed to our values—Connect, Build, Inspire—to represent our company culture, guide our behaviours, and drive how we work throughout the organisation, industry, and communities. We strive to increase collaboration across our divisions, functions, and countries to create a unified Uponor-wide culture, operating as one cohesive team. We are focused on driving engagement and promoting a culture of high performance, both from a company level and an individual employee standpoint. To monitor employee engagement, we conduct an annual, company-wide engagement survey called U-Voice (results of our annual U-Voice Survey are reported in our annual Sustainability Review).


We set clear expectations about what it means to be a leader at Uponor. From there, we create opportunities for our leaders to develop and strengthen their capabilities to lead their teams.  Our leaders are integral to creating the unified, high performing culture we strive for. They play an integral role in inspiring and motivating our cross-functional teams. There are regular touchpoints for our senior leaders for global collaboration, knowledge sharing and discussing topical areas around Group strategy.


We are focused on attracting top talent, developing our employees, and promoting an inclusive, diverse team. A key component to the new Uponor strategy is driving innovation. We understand that engaging employees with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences drives creative problem solving and promotes innovation.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are an important part of our talent strategy. As Uponorians, we believe that a diverse company is an innovative one, providing equitable opportunities for our employees to grow, regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinions, national or social origin, or other status. It is our differences that make us unique, and we are stronger together. Cross-functional, diverse perspectives enhance our capacity for developing leading solutions for sustainable water systems and indoor climate.
We respect human rights and follow the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are also a signatory party to the United Nations’ Global Compact.

Employer Branding

To maintain our outstanding employee culture, it is essential we maintain our current employees while also mindfully attracting top talent to join our growing teams. With competitive market dynamics, it is important to differentiate ourselves as an employer by communicating who we are as an employer and why Uponor is such a great place to work. The Uponor brand is synonymous with a strong employee culture of collaboration, productivity, and broad industry-wide experience. In 2022, Uponor received the ‘Great Place to Work’ Award in Germany, Poland, Spain, the UK and the Top Workplaces award in the United States.

Wellbeing and Safety

Employee health, safety, and wellbeing is of critical importance to the Uponor culture. We continue to raise awareness of these topics and provide support to ensure employees are taking proper care of themselves. Our ambition is zero accidents. Supporting this, we have comprehensive safety guidelines in place. Employees are encouraged to provide near miss reports to enhance our understanding of potential risks and offer the opportunity to further optimise our processes.