Uponor is rethinking systems for moving water for future generations

Innovation at Uponor

Use water economically

Water is crucial to humans, animals and plants. Many people do not at all know that it is also a limited resource on our planet. Water is our most important resource and will increasingly become the focus of attention in the coming years. In the future, the professional management of water is therefore crucial to the survival on our planet. Uponor continuously expands its expertise in the area of drinking water. Monitoring water quality and linking the Internet of Things with intelligent monitoring and control point the way to a secure future.

Drinking water is a scarce resource world-wide - we want to preserve this scarce resource

How will consumers and industry use water - a scarce resource - in the future? This is a central topic for the future. We are committed to water sustainability is developing innovative concepts that enable safe drinking water enjoyment and economical consumption. We strive to safeguard water, a scarce resource, for future generations.

Source: Roland Berger

Renovating – potential for more energy-efficient building

Many people are attracted to the special charm of old buildings. What many do not suspect is the tremendous potential for a more sustainable environmental balance is lying in wait in old buildings. Low-emission or CO2-neutral heating improves the energy yield significantly. Especially when they are installed in the flooring. Underfloor heating systems manage low supply temperatures and thus help to save energy. The plumbing systems usually have to be fundamentally replaced when refurbishing old buildings, but when done properly lasts a long time. Drinking water and sewage pipelines must be replaced in order to meet modern hygiene standards, but in long run this saves money, protects from leakages and delivers you fresh drinking water. 

Products and solutions for more sustainable buildings

Even if the expenditure for a renovation is high, the effort is worthwhile, because existing building materials can continue to be used and be optimally optimised. Waste transport for building rubble is eliminated, which saves energy and avoids noise. Renovated buildings also increase the quality of life and living for many people and enhance entire city quarters in the long term. We offer a number of products and solutions that enable you to renovate your house to consume less and last for many year to come. 

A look into our future laboratory: Ideas, research, concepts

As an innovative company, we invest extensively in research and development. We maintain an intensive dialogue with our customers and partners. Take part in the exchange of experiences. Tell us about your wishes and experiences. Or tell us where you see potential for a more efficient use of energy and hygienic water management. Together, we find solutions that also benefit others.

We need creative minds to develop our ideas further. We place great value on educating and training of our employees. You will find more information about working at Uponor as well as job vacancies from our Careers pages. For customers and partners, we offer seminars and events on current topics dealing with water supply, heating and cooling.