The highest decision-making power in Uponor is exercised by the company's shareholders at the company's General Meeting.

The company's shareholders elect the company's Board of Directors and auditor at the General Meeting. The Board comprises a minimum of three and a maximum of seven members, elected for a one-year term starting at closing of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which they were elected and expiring at closing of the following AGM.

The Executive Committee is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing the Group's strategy. It also discusses and decides on significant operational issues, while each of its members is responsible for the Group's day-to-day management with respect to his/her field of responsibility. President and CEO, assisted by the Executive Committee, is in charge of the Group's day-to-day management in accordance with the orders and instructions issued by the Board. The President and CEO is also the Chair of the Executive Committee.

Board of Directors                     Executive Committee