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Energy solutions

Uponor’s energy solutions provide an ecological and cost-effective solution for the energy sector. These systems deal in various energy related applications. Our product lines include geothermal collectors and vaults and power plant intake and outfall pipes.

Weholite sopii vesistöasennuksiin: se kestää suolavettä ja korroosiota, hitsausliitokset ovat vesitiiviitä ja toimitusvalikoima ulottuu DN/ID 3 500 mm saakka.
uponor infra stormwater


As the frequency and intensity of heavy rains grow, spring floods get bigger and the risk of flash flooding increases, the importance of a proper stormwater management in urban design is apparent. Systems consisting of pipes, fittings, and chambers enable surface runoffs to be directed into the stormwater network in a safe and managed way. Uponor’s stormwater tanks, tunnels, and cassettes offer a modern solution for attenuating and infiltrating stormwater runoff and meltwater close to the point of origin.

Municipal sewer

Municipal sewers are an important part of our infrastructure, and as communities grow, so does the demand for a functioning sewer system. Uponor offers a wide range of durable, functional and sustainable sewer network products; the selection includes both pressure and gravity pipes, fittings, chambers, tanks, grease separators and pumping stations.

Uponor Infra offer solutions for municipal sewage
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Potable water

Safe drinking water delivery is a crucial part of a working society. Uponor’s potable water offering includes products for different kind of needs. In product range there are pressure pipes for house connections, infrastructure and also for polluted soil. Also different installation methods like no-dig-installation are covered. In addition to pipes, Uponor offers a wide range of fittings and tanks for treatment and storage of potable water. Field services and welding machines are also part of the service portfolio.


The ever-increasing need for energy saving has changed our way of building homes to be more airtight and insulated. This poses new challenges in maintaining a good indoor climate including ventilation and radon venting. We have created solutions for both domestic and commercial buildings. Uponor underground ventilation, or UVS, has been built to be installed underground, thus optimizing the use of space and energy. This system is ideal for schools, hospitals, office buildings, multi-family homes, parking garages and the like. Uponor’s radon systems, on the other hand, work to reduce the amount of the radioactive harmful gas entering the building, where it is extremely hazardous. Radon is odorless, flavorless, colorless, and carries an increased risk of lung cancer.

Under ground ventilation - Uponor Infra

Waste water

A high quality, modern and reliable wastewater system is an important investment that secures a good way of treating wastewater and can increase property value. Uponor has decades of experience in manufacturing reliable wastewater treatment systems, and thanks to having the most extensive product range on the market, we can guarantee that a suitable solution can be found for every site from single family home to industrial plant. This range includes a variety of products: pump chambers, which are used when gravity pipelines is not possible; grey water filters, an excellent solution for wastewater from showers, washing machines, and saunas; infiltration plants, which are a simple and natural way to handle domestic wastewater; holding tanks - used to collect sewage in infiltration systems; biological treatment plants for the treatment of domestic waste water, sauna and cottage chambers as well as custom made waste water treatment solutions for industry.


Heavy rains and floods can cause extensive damage. Uponor provides effective drainage solutions with the aim of preventing the flooding of properties and roads. In agricultural use this can improve the productivity of a field by 10-20%. Uponor’s drainage pipes and chambers are strong, flexible, and durable and designed for a service life of up to 100 years. Uponor has been at the forefront in developing a range of products for the application, and currently has one of the market’s most complete product offering.

Uponor offers high quality drainage solutions.
Uponor Infra offers no dig solutions for renovation.


Water and sewer systems are an unobtrusive - yet vital - part of our infrastructure. Usually they stay safe and hidden underground, meaning that it is only when a problem occurs, that people take notice. Regular monitoring of the condition of infrastructure networks, as well as their systematic renewal, are the foundation of functional communal technology. Uponor offers multiple renovation methods for water and sewer lines to enable a smooth repair work and cause as little inconvenience as possible to the public.


In addition to natural gas plastic pressure pipes are used increasingly with biogas. Uponor offers polyethylene (PE) pipes for the purposes of transport, local distribution of gas, and the collection of biogas in landfills. Selection includes PE gas pipes made of different PE grades with or without protection layer.

Uponor Infra solutions for gas distribution.
Uponor's cable and telecom solutions

Cable and telecom

The modern society requires high-speed connections and a comprehensive broadband network. Uponor's high-quality cable protection systems increase the operational reliability of electrical and communications systems. Our system can be used with fibre-optic cables installations and to protect below-ground electrical and telecommunications cables against mechanical damage from traffic and frost.

Uponor Infra 360° project services

There is no set way of solving each and every infrastructure or industrial challenge. Each situation deserves an optimized solution. Each challenge demands local know-how. But they also require innovative insight and thinking as well as a proven track record for executing ground breaking solutions in a timely manner.
Uponor Infra 360° project service provides you with all the expertise required, a century of experience and the reliability of the most capable manufacturer to produce and implement the solutions in an integrated, well-coordinated process.

Project service that takes into account all your specific needs, requirements, operating conditions and future developments – regardless of the scope and scale of the job at hand.

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Uponor Infra Technology

Infra Technology

Uponor Infra Technology provides performance-enhancing technologies and implement turnkey production line projects to serve the needs of the plastic pipe industries. Uponor Infra Technology supplies in connection with a Licensing Agreement a complete machinery set-up for production of Weholite pipes. Uponor Infra Technology has in its product portfolio extrusion lines, welding equipment and polyurethane foaming systems.