Building Solutions

Hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency for every building

Enjoying pleasant living conditions in single family houses

  • Uponor building installations are suitable for new builds and renovation projects
  • Efficient heating and cooling solutions: even temperature distribution throughout the room
  • Lower energy requirement due to efficient technical building equipment
  • Ideal for regenerative energy sources
  • The latest drinking water delivery solutions guarantee hygiene anytime
uponor building solutions single family homes
uponor building solutions multi family living

Solutions for multi-family homes - reliability and efficiency

  • Efficient building installation is a long-term investment
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient solutions
  • Hygienic drinking water delivery
  • The right energy management can reduce primary energy requirement by 25%
  • Building services engineering, suitable for new-builds and refurbishment projects

Sustainable technology for office buildings

  • Investment in supply technology is the key to a productive working environment
  • The attractiveness of buildings increases through optimum supply technology, thus also adding value to the property
  • Radiant heating/cooling solutions use the surfaces in the building structure
  • Minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort with Uponor heat distribution systems
uponor building solutions office buildings
uponor building solutions industrial buildings

Efficient energy concepts and climate control technology for industrial facilities

  • Radiant heating and cooling solutions are energy-efficient
  • Constant temperature and relative humidity of the air at all levels throughout the facility
  • High efficiency and extremely low maintenance and service costs thanks to efficient building services engineering
  • Flexible usage thanks to individual technical building equipment
  • Planning of technical building equipment from a single source

Hotel guests can control the living conditions in their own rooms

  • The needs of a wide variety of occupiers can be met
  • Drinking water systems meet the highest hygiene standards at all times
  • Cooling and heating can be individually adjusted in each room around the clock
  • State-of-the-art cooling, heating and plumbing technology
uponor building solutions hotels
uponor building solutions sport facilities

Efficient building equipment for sports and leisure facilities

  • Withstands any load and does not create tripping hazards
  • Low installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • DIN Certco certification for all systems and floor structures
  • Can be combined with renewable energy sources

Highest standards in hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency for healthcare buildings

  • Safe drinking water hygiene independent from user behavior
  • Best ambient comfort balancing energy consumption and user preferences
  • Efficient water and energy distribution
Hygiene and comfort and energy efficiency for healthcare buildings from Uponor