“Creating something from scratch is both challenging and rewarding”

Working for Financial Services Team.

  • Anna Pietrzak-Hedman
  • Senior Specialist, Customer and Credit
  • Uponor Oyj
  • Helsinki, Finland

When Anna Pietrzak-Hedman, Senior Specialist, Customer and Credit joined Uponor, she knew she would become part of a team that had not existed previously. She knew that building something new would include many challenges and brain exercises, but it would also be rewarding and inspiring as she could influence processes and ways of working. This is Anna’s story of how she became an Uponorian and how life is in the new team.

Anna became an Uponorian in August 2019, when she started in Uponor’s newly established Shared Financial Services Team. Anna joined the Customer and Credit team, which handles customer payments and credit controlling. She works mostly with inter-company account receivables and customer credit. Her work includes a lot of cooperation with different stakeholders e.g. with treasury. She is also involved in closing activities. 
There is no denying that the start was challenging. As Uponor was renewing its ways of working, everything was new and all the processes needed to be established. At the same time, new employees were trying get to know their new colleagues, their own tasks and how to work as a team. Although there were challenges, Anna considers this one of the best parts of the job: getting to create something new and solving challenges.  
 "The start at Uponor could be called a brain exercise, but challenges are made to be solved."

Challenges can also mean that good things are coming. As everyone in the team was new, Anna feels that there was a lot of compassion and understanding among new colleagues. This has now grown into respect towards each other.  
"We knew that teamwork was the answer to many things, and without teamwork this would not work."

Anna’s work schedule can be busy and demanding, but it also allows flexibility. She appreciates that she can manage her own schedule to some extent. The work environment feels safe and fair. Working language is English as Uponor is an international company and the team members are from different countries. Even in extraordinary circumstances, like with COVID-19 in the spring 2020, the team has found ways to work together remotely.  

After ten months together, Anna feels that they have formed a great team. They have learned how to cooperate with each other and how to handle pressure. There is always support if you need it and people really want to help if you have questions. New team members are still joining the team and it is important to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Anna thinks it is important to build a good relationship with her colleagues. When you trust your colleagues, you can count on their support in work matters and even build a more personal relation to let out the steam if something is not well. 
"Trust is important and it is the basis of a well-functioning team."

Like Anna’s Uponor employee story has proven, she is not afraid of challenges or new things. She is originally from Poland, but moved to Finland 12 years ago after meeting her now-husband in Germany while they were both studying there. A bold move. As a mom of two young children, she lives a hectic life. It is sometimes a bit of a juggle to manage work as well as children’s schools and hobbies, but with her positive, can-do attitude, she manages these “rush years” as well. After a workday, she enjoys spending time with her kids or doing her own workout if kids are busy with their hobbies.  

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