Possibilities to develop yourself in an international environment make Uponor unique

“My job might seem a bit unsexy for an architect, but it is important to get the technical aspects right.”

  • Dorina Peetz
  • Key Account Manager
  • Building Solutions - Europe
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Meet Dorina Peetz who is so much more than your average Key Account Manager, Hotels. Her job includes, among other things, advising investors and architects on the technical aspects of hotel buildings. She knows very well what they want and need to know. Often she even makes drawings of the solutions she is proposing. Rather good, you might think. Well, she has 20 years’ experience as an architect. Now she is on the other side of the table, but she feels that she has the best parts of both worlds.  
People seldom have as broad experience in their field as Dorina has. After completing her studies in classical architecture, she has worked as an architect in Germany and the United Kingdom focusing on project management and development as well as planning and architectural detailing. She has also gained experience as a university lecturer of soft skills such as conflict management. As an architectural consultant for a company designing steel frames, she was able to use her creativity to integrate different types of technical matters. The company she worked for won the Red Dot Design Award for their new steel frame.

Dorina came to Uponor in 2016. She started in pre-sales for office buildings where she concentrated on radiant ceiling offering. Soon her product portfolio was extended and cross-selling became an important part of her job. The market developed and the use of skyscrapers altered into a combination of hotel and a space for working or living. Thus Uponor needed someone with a good understanding of and skills for hotel branch and Dorina took on this opportunity with open arms.

She likes to negotiate and demonstrate to architects and investors the technical aspects of a hotel building. However, Dorina is keen to point out that it is not only the technical aspects that interest investors today, energy efficiency, life-cycle costs and green building aspects are equally important. Her job might seem at times a bit unsexy for an architect as you cannot see what you get and she does not introduce tiles or paint colours. However, it is extremely important to get these more “boring” technical aspects right.
“It is not only the technical aspects that interest investors today, energy efficiency, life-cycle costs and green building aspects are equally important.”

For Dorina, one of the best things about Uponor is that it is a great international company with a long history and an interesting product portfolio. Many teams are truly international and the company has made an effort to develop team-working skills to the right direction. An example is that Uponor can provide solutions for hotel projects in different countries when the hotels belong to one and the same hotel chain. This requires real teamwork cross borders.

A unique thing about Uponor is that the company really gives its employees the chance to develop themselves. Dorina has especially appreciated different workshops and special trainings e.g. Navigator Program. Additionally, colleagues and discussions with them are a big part of everyday work. This is why Dorina highly values the pleasant working atmosphere that Uponor provides.

Travelling and discovering new places are close to Dorina’s heart. Although her work includes a lot of travelling, she still enjoys travelling during her free time. Golf and hiking give a good variation to her job as well as a chance to relish nature and get fresh air. As an animal lover, she would love to have a dog, but due to her many business trips that is not possible. Nevertheless, she does have a pet, a frog called Egon that she saved from her basement. A couple of years ago she also fulfilled her long-time dream of acquiring a pilot license.

Dorina is a charming, kind and energetic personality with whom it is easy to speak and who puts a smile on anyone’s face. She has the natural gift of explain things in a way that everyone understands them. She is also a great role model for women in a male dominated industry.
“I have never seen my gender as a disadvantage during my career as I am good at my work.”

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