Employer’s commitment translates into committed employees

"My colleagues constantly amaze me by how competent they are.”

  • Hannes Mero
  • Senior Specialist, Materials and Processes
  • Uponor Infra
  • Nastola, Finland

Meet Hannes Mero, Senior Specialist, Materials and Processes who calls himself an introvert engineer who can disguise himself as an extrovert when needed. He has worked at Uponor nearly all his adult life. This implies both that Hannes really enjoys being at Uponor, and that he knows the company well.
“I would describe myself as introvert engineer who can disguise himself as an extrovert when needed.”
At the end of the 1990s, Hannes started as a summer worker in production at our factory in Forssa, Finland and then continued to work at Uponor during the summers while he was studying. After graduating from a university of applied sciences, he was hired to Uponor Infra’s development team as Development Engineer. His job is, and has always been, closely tied to products, production processes and raw materials. Hannes focuses especially on material and process development. He also develops existing and new products as well as supports other teams in their troubleshooting and technical matters. During his time at Uponor, Hannes has gained a lot of experience in test runs with internal testing and worked in close co-operation with suppliers of tools, machines and materials.

For Hannes, the best part of his job is being successful and competent in trouble shooting. He feels it is interesting to take part in creating something new. The most challenging part of his job is very much connected to the best part; it is challenging to be efficient in trouble shooting methods and to maintain competence in the ever changing work environment.
“It is interesting to take part in creating something new.”
Hannes values Uponor as employer. For him, it is important that his employer is committed to its employees and business. He also believes that employer’s commitment pays back as employees are more loyal to the company and give their best work contribution. Hannes feels that Uponor has proved this true. In addition, Uponor has a long history in business as well as the agility and ability to change. This makes Uponor a unique place to work.
“Long experience, the ability to change and agility make Uponor a unique place to work.”

Teamwork, support and learning possibilities are words that Hannes uses when describing his colleagues. He feels happy and grateful for his international role and the possibility to work with different people from different departments and cultures.  It gives him a lot of energy. Skilful colleagues constantly amaze him by how competent they are. Hannes has worked in the same role for many years, but it never feels dull due to great colleagues and a variety of duties.
”My colleagues constantly amaze me by how competent they are.”

During his free time, different sports like tennis, padel and squash keep Hannes active. They bring good balance to the sometimes hectic work life as well as support mental wellbeing. Travelling is also something Hannes enjoys a lot; the US is his new favourite destination. He is fascinated by the country’s nature and constantly changing scenery, which differs greatly from Europe’s.

All in all, Hannes is a great example of an Uponorian who has a job that constantly challenges him in the right way. He has high appreciation for his colleagues and they appreciate him. If Hannes really is the introvert engineer as he calls himself, he certainly disguises this quality well. When you meet him, you meet a smiling and cheerful man who seems to be in the right job in a company that he values.

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