Correct product data helps sales and customers to succeed

“Succeeding together is motivating and rewarding.” 

  • Kati Perttilä
  • Product Manager, PIM
  • Building Solutions - Europe
  • Nastola, Finland

Meet Kati Perttilä, Product Manager, PIM, who enjoys being a play-maker and providing right passes to sales and customers with correct product data. Her job includes making sure that product data in customers’ databases is accurate and Uponor’s products are easy to find for example in web shops. With many products and product categories, there is a lot of data to be handled. Kati is used to working with many stakeholders and enjoys being on the background and helping others. 

Kati has a versatile educational background within plastics. She holds a Master’s degree in Polymer Engineering from Chemical Engineering department at Helsinki University of Technology. She also studied plastic manufacturing technology at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA graduating in 1994.

“Studying abroad in the middle of a deep recession was memorable and educational experience.”

Before joining Uponor in 2006, Kati made an extensive international career in telecoms industry. She started as a project manager for Eimo (later Foxconn), a big supplier for telecom industry producing different technical plastic parts and covers as well as chargers especially for telecom industry. Later Kati worked as KAM (Key Account Manager) and was responsible for big international manufacturing projects in China and Finland among other things. This meant a lot of travelling and became quite exhausting in the end. However, it was exciting and interesting time for a young professional as the telecom industry changed its form and grew rapidly.
“The 1990s was interesting time to work for telecom industry as it grew rapidly and transformed totally. Young professionals were given a lot power.”

Currently, Kati works as Product Manager, PIM (product information management) for two Uponor business segments, Building Solutions – Europe and Uponor Infra. She is responsible for product data in customers’ databases. This data needs to be updated constantly and the requirements for it are changing with e-commerce and customers’ web shops. The aim is to make more data updates digital and reduce the manual work needed for it now. Kati’s job includes also different type of support materials for sales. She is responsible for price catalogues including the e-versions that are sent to customers. The job requires a good understanding of many systems.
“We aim to develop data all the time as the requirements for it are changing with e-commerce and customers’ web shops.” 

One of the many reasons why Kati enjoys being an Uponorian is that information and knowledge is openly shared. She feels that she can always ask help from her colleagues and she wants share her knowledge if it helps others. The hierarchy is low and team spirit is great. Kati sees herself as a playmaker who gives passes to sales and customers. Support materials that she produces help others to succeed. When there is success, the joy is always shared.
“Succeeding together is motivating and rewarding.”  

A topic that causes discussion and is challenging at Uponor, like in many other international companies, is what to do centrally and what locally. A worthy improvement has been a centralised data with what Building Solutions – Europe segment has done a good job. Uponor Infra is now focusing on this as well. Hopefully, the open discussion about this issue continues and a good balance is found. Another challenge is the matrix organisation where many Uponorians work. There are always “grey areas” and tasks between organisations. To get those tasks done, we need to see bigger picture and take responsibility. Many times, it takes less time to do the work than throw it to someone else like a hot potato.
“Matrix organisation requires responsibility.”

One the things that Kati really appreciates in her employer is that employees can openly discuss how to fit work life and family life together. The company is humane and really cares about employees’ wellbeing at work. Kati herself worked many years 80% of full weekly work time to get a bit more time for her family and three children.
“Uponorians are well taken care of! I have really enjoyed my time at Uponor.” 

Kati provides a great example of how to combine work and family life even during “peak years”. She enjoys her work a lot and is keen on developing things. However, at the same time she wants to spend time at home and support her three active teenage children with school and hobbies. Her own hobbies include functional exercise and charity work at local Lions Club. Summer times Kati is most probably seen working in the garden. With her team player attitude, Kati is a great asset to Uponor’s product management providing valuable support to sales.

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