Puzzles are made to be solved

“I believe that all puzzles are solvable if you sacrifice a bit of time.”

  • Mateusz Tatys
  • Engineering Design Manager 
  • Building Solutions - Europe
  • Warsaw, Poland

Meet Mateusz Tatys, Engineering Design Manager, who planned to become a scientist working with renewable energy or spacecraft. Being an Engineering Design Manager for project design services at Uponor’s shared service center in Warsaw is not exactly the same. Nevertheless, he is happy and motivated to lead a team of 23 talented and ambitious designers to whom he feels a connection. The work is challenging in a good way and he gets to do what he loves, solve puzzles.


“I’m an optimistic person. I like challenges and solving puzzles.”

As a forward-looking and optimistic person, Mateusz has always had plans, but more importantly, he has made new plans when the previous ones have not worked out. His dream of working as a scientist meant studying such challenging subjects in university such as Aerospace Engineering, Renewable Energy Science and Geological Engineering. Mateusz was an ambitious student and he worked as a renewable energy scientist in Iceland for a couple of years, but the global recession changed his career plans. Mateusz went on to work with shale gas, a natural gas that is found trapped within shale formations, in the oil industry in Poland, but there was no shale gas in Poland. That is when he decided to bury his plan of becoming a scientist. Instead, he concentrated on Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on heat transfer and power supply. When he came across Uponor’s International Trainee Programme that would take place in Hamburg, he decided to apply. The programme was new and the recruitment process long, but he was accepted.

Uponor’s International Trainee Programme prepared him well for his current job, where he is responsible for 23 designers in two locations. His team does projects for different European countries, which means a lot of background work before the designers can actually start their job. First, it is important to understand the market needs and other requirements. Then this knowledge is shared within the team and the work to fulfill clients’ requirements and expectations begins. For Mateusz and his team, the clients are technical colleagues from Uponor.
“Design team has to work fast, keep deadlines, ensure quality and deliver work always according to set standards.”

Time and quality are key words for Mateusz. Project work is often done under time pressure and to strict deadlines. Mateusz’s role is to manage the time pressure for his team of young and talented designers. It is important for Mateusz that his team can realise their potential and are given ambitious tasks. This means allowing designers to work independently, while receiving support when needed from senior colleagues. .
“We are a family of designers and enjoy each other’s company also after work.” 

Feedback and satisfied clients are the best part of Mateusz’s job. He also appreciates the deep connection within the team. They trust each other and have fun together. The most challenging part of his job is to understand clients’ needs, regulations and country-specific details. However, this also makes the work interesting as you always discover something new.

Uponor is a good place to work and develop. Mateusz feels that there are clear rules and the company cares about its employees. The working environment is also enjoyable. A unique thing in Uponor’s working culture is that employees can have a say in how things are done at Uponor. A good example of this came when an Executive Committee meeting took place in Warsaw and all designers were asked to show their ideas to the top management. This gesture was greatly appreciated by the designers.
“Your voice is important for the company. That is unique.” 

During his free time, Mateusz likes to travel and study languages. For him, these two hobbies are very much interconnected. Travelling is a more complete experience and much more interesting when you also study the destination’s language, history and culture. However, most of Mateusz’s free time is spent with his family and friends and this gives a balance to his life.

A supporting and trusting mentor first in the International Trainee Programme and now his superior have contributed hugely to the fact that Mateusz is comfortable with and enjoys his current role so much. His belief that all puzzles can be solved also speaks a lot about the positive attitude Mateusz has towards life and work. Despite his dream of becoming a scientist did not work out, Engineering Design Manager seems to be just the right kind of job for him. You never know where life takes you, but a positive attitude sure does help.

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