MAR notification guidelines

Guidelines for managers and their closely associated persons on reporting share transactions based on MAR (Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014)

Notifications shall be made to FIN-FSA and to Uponor Corporation promptly and no later than by the end of the third business day after the date of the transaction. Uponor requests that notifications to Uponor Corporation are made a minimum of two business days after the transaction.


Transaction date
(Day T)
Day T+1 Manager notifies FIN-FSA and Uponor
Recommended notification
to Uponor (Day T+2)
Deadline for notification,
at the latest (Day T+3)
  Disclosure by Uponor
at the latest during Day T+3

How to fill the transaction notification form

Access the transaction notification form at Financial Supervision Authority, Finland.
Point the mouse over the link below and use the right mouse button to save the pdf file on your local drive. Then open it.

Notification form for managers' transactions

  • Fill in your name and position
  • Fill in issuer information Name: Uponor Corporation LEI (Legal Entity Identifier): 743700KA2GMSYJM3CM12
  • Symbol for Uponor share: UPONOR
  • ISIN code of Uponor share: FI0009002158

Email the filled form to the Company and the Financial Supervisory Authority promptly after the date of the transaction

Sending to the Financial Supervisory Authority:

Sending to Uponor Corporation:

Uponor Corporation has an obligation to publish the notification it has received in a stock exchange release promptly after receipt of the notification and, in any case, within the same deadline of three business days (T+3).

Further information on the regulation concerning the notifications of managers’ and their closely associated persons’ transactions is available at Finland's Financial Supervisory Authority website.

(The description of the personal data file for managers' and their closely associated persons' transactions is available here.)