Proposal on Uponor Corporation’s Board fees

Proposal on Uponor Corporation’s Board fees

The provisional special Board nomination committee of Uponor Corporation,
appointed by the Board of Directors among its members on 7 December 2006,
proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the annual fees of the Board of
Directors will be kept at their current level, i.e. 65,000 euros to the
Chairman, 45,000 euros to the Vice Chairman, and 40,000 euros to the Board

A group of shareholders representing approximately 37.6 per cent of the
company’s shares and voting rights support the proposal. 

The AGM will be held at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland, on 15 March 2007 at
5 p.m. 

For additional information, please contact: 
General Counsel Pekka Holopainen, tel. +358 20 129 2835

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