Uponor launches a long-term incentive scheme for its Executive Committee

Today, Uponor Corporation's Board of Directors decided to launch a long-term
incentive scheme for the members of the company's Executive Committee. To be
eligible to participate in the scheme, an Executive Committee member must
acquire a specific number of Uponor shares, as defined under the scheme, by the
end of August 2008. Depending on the cumulative operating profit of Uponor
during 2007-2011, and the number of shares acquired within the scheme, each
Executive Committee member is eligible for being awarded Uponor shares in the
spring of 2012. 

Mr Pekka Paasikivi, Chairman of the Uponor Board of Directors, comments that
the new scheme represents the optimal alignment of the shareholders' and
management's long-term interests. The scheme's target-setting is based on the
company's strategic plan, which also formed the basis for the long-term
financial targets approved by the Board in November 2006. 

Further information:
Mr Pekka Paasikivi, Chairman of the Board, tel. +358-50-5010666

Tarmo Anttila
Vice President, Communications
Tel. +358 20 129 2852

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