Uponor's Capital Markets Day

- In its CMD today, Uponor Corporation will announce that its efforts to execute
its growth strategy are proceeding as planned.                                  
- According to Uponor, the construction markets in Europe are expected to grow  
next year, but growth is likely to be weaker than in 2007. In the United States,
the residential housing market is expected to weaken further in 2008, but       
commercial construction should remain on a satisfactory level.                  
- Uponor estimates that its 2008 net sales and operating profit will increase   
from the 2007 levels.                                                           

The cornerstones of Uponor's strategy are the following three initiatives:      
- Establish high-rise leadership 
- Enhance single-family leadership 
- Exploit infrastructure leadership. 

In his presentation, Uponor's CEO, Jan Lång, will focus on describing the       
high-rise initiative in particular. According to Lång, entering this new        
business segment will require that the company extend its value chain from its  
traditional distributor and installer focus to new actors in the trade. Lång    
emphasises that Uponor has begun taking steps in various countries to deepen its
relationship with real estate owners, builders, construction service providers  
as well as designers and planners, among others.                                

Anders Tollsten, Executive Vice President for Uponor North America since 2006,  
will deliver a presentation on the company's robust initiatives to develop its  
business and grow net sales in North America. He will say that Uponor plans to  
almost triple its North American sales organisation from its 2006 level. Earlier
in the autumn, Uponor announced the launch of a factory expansion to increase   
manufacturing capacity for North America.                                       

Jyri Luomakoski, CFO and Deputy CEO, will tell about the company's largest      
development initiative so far, to renew the company's resource planning system. 
From next year, it is planned that the new ERP system will serve most of the    
company's housing solutions business in Europe.                                 

In addition, Uponor will shed light on the current outlook in key markets. A    
webcast of the presentations will be arranged and, as of tomorrow at the latest,
a recorded video will be available at the company's website                     
(http://www.uponor.com/investors). All presentations will also be available at  

Further information:                                                            
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Jyri Luomakoski, CFO and Deputy CEO, Tel +358 40 515 4498                       

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