Uponor concentrates metal component manufacture in Germany and plans workforce reductions in Iberia

Uponor Corporation
Stock Exchange Release
11 November 2008

Uponor concentrates metal component manufacture in Germany and plans workforce
reductions in Iberia 

Uponor intends to move its Swedish metal fittings production from the Kungsör
plant, near Västerås, to the company's existing plant in Hassfurt, Germany, to
centralise production into one dedicated factory. The Kungsör plant will be
phased out gradually and will be shut down in the spring of 2009. The closure
will affect the jobs of 75 persons in total. Union negotiations will be
initiated immediately. 

Concentrating metal fittings manufacture on the Hassfurt site, 180 km east of
Frankfurt, will bring Uponor savings in production and logistics while
simplifying the total supply chain process. Since the majority of the company's
metal component customers are located in Central and Southern Europe, Uponor
has chosen to focus on the German plant, which can accommodate additional
volumes without major modifications. 

Uponor announced a company-wide cost reduction programme in August, which aims
at adjusting the company's expense levels to weakening demand in customer
markets. Uponor estimated then that the programme would result in the loss of
more than 200 jobs. Prior to the Kungsör factory, Uponor has closed one
manufacturing facility in Canada with a staff of 80 persons. 

Since the announcement of the cost reduction programme, market developments
have taken a turn for the worse. Uponor has now initiated consultations with
its staff in Spain with the aim of cutting personnel from various functions.
Earlier in the autumn, Uponor began codetermination consultations with staff in
Finland and Sweden, with the purpose of reducing its workforce by a maximum of
70 persons. 

Further information:
Jyri Luomakoski, President and CEO, tel. +358 40 515 4498
Sebastian Bondestam, EVP Supply Chain, tel. +358 20 129 2846

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Uponor is a leading supplier of plumbing and heating systems for the
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a market leader in municipal infrastructure pipe systems in the Nordic
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