Licence for giant diameter polyethylene pipe awarded in France

Joint press release by Uponor Infra Oy and TUBAO S.A.S.

Uponor Infra Oy          Press release              30 January 2017         15.00 EET

Joint press release by Uponor Infra Oy and TUBAO S.A.S.:

Licence for giant diameter polyethylene pipe awarded in France

Uponor Infra Oy, Finland, a subsidiary of Uponor Corporation, and TUBAO S.A.S., Saint Saens, France have announced a licensee agreement, whereby Uponor Infra will grant TUBAO an exclusive licence for the manufacture and marketing of the Weholite® pipe in France. Invented by Uponor Infra (former KWH Pipe) in the 1980s, the revolutionary Weholite® technology consists of High Density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, fittings and fabricated assemblies.

Among the unique features of the structured-wall, HDPE Weholite® pipe is its availability with inside diameters ranging up to 3,500 mm. TUBAO plans to offer pipes up to 3,000 mm in inner diameter (ID) initially. The Weholite® pipe is used extensively worldwide in low pressure/gravity service applications for potable water, storm water, sewage and various other liquids. Weholite® fabricated assemblies are designed for special functions such as manholes, retention tanks and even individual, family-size sewage treatment units for non-urban regions.

The Weholite® pipe's smooth surface enhances flow rates compared to steel, cast iron or concrete pipe. With its extra-large diameters, the Weholite® pipe also provides an enclosed channel for conducting liquids over distances. This lightweight polyethylene pipe is continuously extruded and can therefore be supplied in any shippable length, which facilitates fast installation. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure a long service life. Cost effectiveness is an important feature of the Weholite® product line. The Weholite® pipe is mainly joined by extrusion welding and the joints meet the standards of leak-proof joints.

Uponor Infra’s Weholite® licensees have manufacturing operations in 9 further locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Overview of TUBAO:
TUBAO S.A.S is a 60-year old French company specialising in the storage of rainwater based on a range of solutions, such as corrugated steel pipes and renovated tanks. TUBAO is one of the sector’s major players in France and its neighbourhood countries. 

TUBAO S.A.S is a family company, managed by François-Regis Du Mesnil. Based on its knowledge of corrugated steel pipes for rainwater, TUBAO wanted to reinvent itself by making a new product, opening up new markets and creating a new challenge for all of its employees. The logical choice for TUBAO was therefore to add a leading HDPE product to its offering. TUBAO will produce Weholite® in its new factory in Normandy, France.

Weholite is now available from TUBAO S.A.S. Inquiries may be made to: or by phone: +33 2 35 33 42 42.

Overview of Uponor
Uponor is a leading international systems and solutions provider for safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure. The company serves a variety of building markets including residential, commercial, industrial and civil engineering. Uponor employs about 3,700 employees in 30 countries, mainly in Europe and North America. In 2015, Uponor's net sales totalled €1,050 million. Uponor is based in Finland and listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.


Further information:
Uponor Infra: Jari Mylläri, Director, Technology, tel. +358 20 1292099
TUBAO S.A.S.:  Mr. Francois Regis Du Mesnil, CEO tel. +33 6 08361647