Flexible and reliable Infra Culvert saves time, money and the environment

The municipality of Sollentuna near Stockholm, Sweden became convinced of the merits of our unique, prefabricated Infra Culvert solution when a trial installation of 50 metres was carried out in an urban environment. The project had started with a more traditional approach: the installation work on the sheet-piled cofferdam was expensive, slow and disruptive for local residents. Sheet pile installation generated a lot of noise and the ground had to be dug up several times.

With the conventional approach, the estimated rate of advance was 0.6 to 1 metre per day. However, when we got involved, installing the new section using Uponor’s Infra Culvert solution, the rate surged to 12 metres per day. Our solution proved to be both cheaper and faster than traditional construction techniques. In addition, it has lower operating and maintenance costs.

The Infra Culvert used in this project was a Weholite pipe with an internal dimension of 2,200 mm. Infra Culvert is a sustainable solution with a far lower environmental impact than traditional concrete installations. All the pipes needed for e.g. drinking water, sewage and telecommunications can be placed inside the same culvert. It is also possible to expand the network without any excavation that would disturb both people and traffic.

“The approach reduces the carbon footprint and eliminates leakages of, for example, polluted water into the environment. This is a very important consideration in the case of installations close to industrial facilities. An Infra Culvert installation has enormous potential in future infrastructure projects,” says Jonas Tjernberg, consultant for Sollentuna Energy & Environment.
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