Net-zero emission office building combines Uponor technology and science

Opened in July 2020 and covering a total area of 1,500 square metres, Greenspace PCTG in Asturias, Spain is an example of truly sustainable construction. The building aligns with the goals of the European Circular Economy Action Plan and places energy efficiency measures as well as the use of renewable energy, healthy architecture and low-emission materials at the core. Our Thermally Active Building Systems (TABS) played an important role in this project, as it enabled minimising the building’s energy use and creating net-zero heating and cooling.

Greenspace is the first net-zero energy office building in the region and one of the few of its kind in Spain. The building generates more power than it uses, thanks to highly efficient active and passive energy systems. Our TABS solution for heating and cooling minimises the building’s energy use. The solution uses the thermal inertia of the building’s concrete structures. “The decision to implement TABS came down to the fact that the very low voltage of the power generators, together with the huge thermal inertia in the building’s structures, allowed a heating and cooling solution with minimal energy consumption,” says José Manuel Santiago, Business Development Manager, Building Solutions – Europe.

In order to harness the thermal inertia, a network of pipes was built into the structure of the building, using concrete core activation to store and release both heat and cold. These pipes carry water for the building’s heating and cooling systems and provide comfortable temperatures all year round. As the TABS solution is compatible with aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps – or with any other renewable energy systems – it can reduce both the building’s power consumption and its CO2 emissions.
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