Prefabricated Riser Port brings speed and security to pipeline installations

Builders are increasingly looking for cost-effective building solutions that are not only quick and easy to install, but also to maintain going forward. One such solution is Uponor’s Riser Port – a modular prefabricated riser solution that speeds up the installation of various pipe systems.

Built in 1952, Käärmetalo (“Serpentine House”) in Helsinki, Finland was in need of a basic renovation, including the renovation of its HVAC system and bathrooms. Prefabricated, lightweight Riser Port seemed like the perfect solution for this. As the prefabrication level of the Riser Port is high, the amount of manual installation work at site was reduced, which saved a lot of time and resources. As the structure can easily be opened, the pipe systems within it are easy to maintain going forward. Another significant advantage of the solution is that it is leak safe: during possible leakages, the water is directed to the bathroom floor drain, which reduces the risk of the leakage spreading during and after the renovation or building project.

The whole renovation project of this 287-metre-long building was finished on budget and almost a year ahead of schedule. Builders saw that Uponor’s Riser Port was an excellent choice for this project and brought speed and security to the pipeline installations.

“With the Riser Port solution, we can bring vertical water pipes to the bathrooms instead of the staircases, where they are alternatively located. This way pipelines are near the bathroom and the kitchen, reducing the need for horizontal piping. This has a lot of structural benefits that save time and resources in renovation projects,” says Perttu Havulehto, Uponor’s Building Project Manager.
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