Sustainable solutions

Our products help you to create sustainable buildings.

We provide our customers with integrated solutions that have the best environmental footprint

We pursue designing solutions with transparent carbon footprint and low operational impact on environment to support our customers in sustainability transition. For us, a sustainable solution also equals to a long service life time, impeccable durability and the highest product quality, which all contribute to helping our customers reaching their own environmental targets. Furthermore, all of our research and development projects have embedded sustainability targets.


Solutions paving the way for net zero

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Sustainability goes hand in hand with transparency and we want to provide our customers with full transparency to our products’ impact on the environment.
  • EPDs are based on product’s Life Cycle Assessment calculations
  • EPDs help us to optimize our production and supply chain to reach our environmental targets
  • With EPDs you can evaluate and optimize the CO2 footprint of buildings by selecting the most sustainable solutions
  • We aim to cover 90% of our product portfolio with product-specific EPDs by 2027, and the entire product portfolio latest by 2030
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Setting our customers up for sustainability success

Buildings have a fundamental direct and indirect impact on the environment – and to our health and wellbeing – from construction to occupancy and to demolition. Our building solutions have gained recognition in helping our customers to reach the highest levels of Green Building Rating Systems, such as LEED, that identifies healthy building design and green construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

Reference highlights with sustainable Uponor solutions that lead the way

How we lead the way to a more sustainable future

Our journey towards carbon neutrality

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain and have defined a clear path and milestones forward.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer solutions that help our customers to reach their environmental targets.