Car dealership in El Escorial, Madrid,

Car dealership in El Escorial, Madrid

Uponor’s Invisible Climate for the refurbishment of a car dealership in El Escorial, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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Office building
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El Escorial
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Buying a car continues to be a sufficiently important event in the life of all users, who are buying not only a means of transport, but also a vehicle which defines the personality of whoever is going to drive it for a number of years.
This is why a visit to a car dealer is an event associated with the pleasure of acquiring part of our personality, and doing so in conditions of comfort guarantees a more correct choice. Hence the importance of offering customers a suitable air-conditioned environment.
Talleres Escorial is a Renault car dealership in El Escorial (Madrid) whose owners wanted to renovate and rebuild the installations with certain growth and image plans in mind.
The building is formed of three floors and an underground parking area. The ground floor houses the showroom for new cars and the sales offices, and the first floor and rooftop are home to the administration offices.
The owners wanted to provide the building with the latest technologies, the greatest possible energy efficiency and the highest degree of customer satisfaction, within a viable financial budget.
After analysing a number of different air-conditioning systems, they opted for Uponor Invisible Climate solutions, with underfloor heating and cooling.
A support system was also installed for air-conditioning of the vehicle showroom area in the summer, during specific times of high thermal loads (a large number of people).
After a year of operation, the manager of the dealership, Javier Benito, is more than satisfied with the investment made and the 30% energy saving. This installation is also used for air renewal and treatment.
In total, 1,310m2 of Invisible Climate were installed on the three floors: 665m2 on the ground floor, 496m2 on the first floor and 147m2 on the rooftop floor.
At the same time, the offices and rooms were divided into zones, with an analysis of the thermal loads depending on the orientation of the building. The aim was to achieve maximum energy efficiency and improve on energy savings and the degree of comfort of users.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the success of an installation of these characteristics working correctly is also due to the right execution and proper installation. The installation company Tosán, managed by Luis Miguel, played its part in ensuring this system operates correctly.


Car dealership in El Escorial, Madrid

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