First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary,

First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

An office building, where proper comfort is provided for doing your job The commercial buildings provide more or less limited space as the workplace for people. Therefore cooling the air is an important factor in maintaining their comfort during their stay. In order to keep the daily work undisturbed, the system used should be installed easily, should be efficient economically, and should be hygienic.

Lajosmizse-Alsólajos, Hungary
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling
Project Type
New building

For this benefit, the investment of the Hungary Aliment Baromfikeresdelmi Kft., has been realized in Lajosmizse-Alsólajos. The goal of the project is the construction of a commercial building of more, than 300 square meters, which provides proper working conditions and comfort for the people. In the commercial building, a larger office for the executive workers, a conference room, lavatories, a financial office and the director's office have been built. The owner demanded a cooling system, which provides the necessary comfort without noise and draught.

A system for the liveable environment

Traditional air conditioning, air processing systems are less hygienic, less efficient economically, their installation is more difficult, and they are less flexible. These systems are based on air flow, which is distributed unevenly, causing a draught in the space, and providing relatively low humidity and temperature. These airflows dry eyes and upper airways. Due to low air heat capacity HVAC system installation requires large ventilation ducts that needs significant space within the building. These ducts get rapidly contaminated and may easily cause health problems. Unlike traditional HVAC systems Uponor Comfort Panel is a very efficient cooling system installed in the ceiling, often used in commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, gyms for educational buildings and buildings for public administration. The system is suitable both to renovation and new buildings. Especially in modernization, it is important that the flexibility meets the requirements of the building. The ceiling cooling system consists of two panel types. One is the comfort panel with heating & cooling pipes, and the other is the so-called passive panel with no pipes. The panels are available in four sizes, in dimensions of 1250x625 mm, 1200x600 mm, 625x625 mm, and 600x600 mm. Inside the Comfort panel the cooled water flows in Uponor PE-X 10 x 1.5 mm flexible pipes, providing even temperature. The blind panel have no pipes, and can be used as part of the suspended ceiling, for example near the walls, or at places where fixing points are necessary, for the connection of lighting, etc. Pieces are connected to each other and the base line by Uponor quick coupling fittings, bushings and jointing reducers. All panels are easy to install on a metal support structure, just like to the structure of the traditional suspended ceiling. The panels are covered by white fibreglass-reinforced fabric that provides a look of the traditional suspended ceilings right after their installation. Therefore full ceiling surface can be used for cooling. Cooling output of Uponor Comfort Panel is up to 92,5 W/m2. However, just like in all other building engineering projects, it is worth designing the system, which can be supported by Uponor.

First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

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