"Sostena" Business Centre,

"Sostena" Business Centre

Business Center reconstruction: adaptable, comfortable and versatile space for offices
"Sostena" represents five different car brands in Lithuania. To enhance business opportunities the company decided to expand its business center in the northern part Vilnius next to the Panevėžys (A2) motorway. The new center was designed to connect to the existing Volvo showroom building and include two different types of space:
• The first two floors would be used as car exhibition halls, a service area and entry to offices
• The top five stories were to be used for administrative purposes

In 2007-2009 new part of the building was supposed to be connected to the already existing car showroom, but only three floors out of the seven were built (constructions stopped due to the economic crisis). Nevertheless, in 2015 remaining four floors were completed. These floors now occupy a total of 2,300 m2 and are intended as office space for rent.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Control system, Flexible Pipe Systems
Ukmergės str. 280, Vilnius
Project Type

The challenge

The five-year gap between the two construction phases meant that many things changed in this time and that these changes needed to be considered for the next phase – utmost flexibility was required.
The "Sostena" Business Centre is a commercial building that requires heating and fresh air ventilation systems for rooms with different purposes:
• To create a comfortable indoor climate for potential customers in the car exhibition space
• To provide a healthy, productive work environment in office rooms

For the new offices in particular it was essential to meet high standards of energy efficiency, as well as minimizing any factors that would impact negatively on the work environment. This includes dust circulation and unpleasant drafts of air.


The solution

Uponor Classic underfloor heating was chosen for the first phase of the project. Uponor then moved into the initial office space and made it its Lithuanian headquarters, thereby showcasing Uponor’s underfloor heating and newest room temperature control system.
Customers were thus easily convinced that Uponor systems would also be the ideal solution for the second construction phase. Outstanding features of the systems are:
• A comfortable, silent work environment free of dust and drafts
• No visible heating appliances and therefore no restrictions on room furnishings
• Low system temperature leading to optimum energy efficiency and low heating costs

Another important factor in making Uponor systems ideal for commercial projects is longevity. Each system part has a proven long service life that far exceeds standard requirements.


Uponor products used

•Uponor Classic floor heating system
•Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS d20 pipes (~12 000 m)
•Vario PLUS Quick & Easy collectors (20 units, 118 contours)
•Wired room temperature control system
•Wireless room temperature control Smatrix Wave PLUS

"Sostena" Business Centre

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