Aeration as the only treatment for raw water treatment ,

Aeration as the only treatment for raw water treatment

No chemicals are needed to keep the water quality high in a medium-sized city in Finland where the water intake plant was renovated and the Uponor aeration tank was installed.
In a medium-sized city in southern Finland, the water intake plant was recently renewed. As part of this renovation, a Uponor aeration tank with a diameter of 1200 mm was installed at the site. The aeration system was built into a Weholite tank, which made it easy to install and relocate if needed. The prefabricated aeration tank was delivered to the building, which was already prepared for it. The implementation of the aeration system was straightforward and did not require any special measures.

The water intake plant operates throughout the year, and thanks to the good quality of groundwater at the site, effective level aeration is enough to ensure a good result. No other treatment besides aeration is necessary at the water intake plant. 

Thanks to the aeration tank, residents can now enjoy their drinking water without the need for additional chemicals.

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