BESEL Head offices in Madrid,

BESEL Head offices in Madrid

Uponor has installed 2,000 m² of Invisible Climate

Madrid, Spain
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling
C/ Margarita Salas 10 Leganés
Project Type
New building

Uponor has installed 2,000 m² of Invisible ClimateBESEL is an engineering, consultancy and R&D&I company that specialises in the development of energy efficiency solutions in the building and industry sectors, where it provides air-conditioning, energy, microgeneration, renewable energy and hydrogen applications solutions.

Part of its strategic plan has involved the construction of a new corporate headquarters located in one of the most active technological development areas of the Community of Madrid, namely the Legatec Technology Park in Leganés.

One of the major objectives of BESEL’S Engineering Division with respect to the construction of this building was energy efficiency.

This has been achieved by housing its new headquarters in a bioclimatic structure that incorporates the very latest in Invisible Climate and energy saving solutions, such as heat production via microgeneration, a technology in which BESEL leads the way in the Spanish market.

Another important variable was that of achieving a techno-economic balance with respect to the budget of the project, not only as far as the initial cost, but also the operating costs were concerned.

The building has four storeys: basement (car park and laboratories) and three floors of open-plan and individual offices, meeting and training rooms.After analysing several air-conditioning distribution systems, the decision was taken to install the under floor heating and cooling solutions offered by Uponor (Invisible Climate_Climatización Invisible), which led to the fitting of 2,000 m² of Uponor´s solution throughout the three floors of offices.

The offices and other rooms were divided up into zones or sections, and the thermal loads were analysed in accordance with the position of the building in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency, energy savings and user comfort.

BESEL Head offices in Madrid

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