Demo smart house «IC Smart HOUSE live»,

Demo smart house «IC Smart HOUSE live»

Demo smart house «IC Smart HOUSE live»

In 2013 the first intelligent demo smart building in Ukraine was built. It became the unique smart platform with an area of 600 sq.m. which implements all innovative solutions, tests equipment from European and Ukrainian manufacturers and fulfill the full cycle of intelligent automation systems implementation.

To provide comfort and sustainability in the building was chosen Uponor Renovis, a ceiling heating ang cooling system. The heat carrier  is water, which is heated by solar energy accumulated by solar panels. To increase the efficiency of the system was also integrated an smart control system, which allowed to setup and adjust the parameters of the microclimate in the building. In 2020, the smart home became the first platform in Ukraine where was installed and tested Phyn Plus.

This unique demo smart building provide the ability to participate in a live demonstration of smart systems functioning, to see the sustainability and efficiency of  intelligent and innovative engineering solutions provided by Uponor and other companies which could be efficiently implemented into humans life being.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Floor space
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Control system
Number of floors
Project Type
New building

A platform for innovative engineering solutions testing - IntelCity

Demo smart house «IC Smart HOUSE live»

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