Magnum Business center,

Magnum Business Center

MAGNUM – a brand new business centre. One of the largest in Kaunas city in Lithuania.

MAGNUM aims to introduce positive change, an innovative work culture, and a responsible attitude to the environment. It will inspire these aims not only in its residents, but in the city of Kaunas itself — a city that is rapidly growing and changing.

Magnum is a unique business center that provides different areas for work and rest:
  •  1,700 work spaces for different businesses to meet new people, find potential clients, and work with business partners.
  •  Concerence halls that are rearrangeable to meet the needs of people using them for various activities and trainings. A dedicated area nearby provides participants with a place to have lunch, grab a coffee, or just chat.
  •  Restaurants and Cafés - convenient places to meet business partners or relax with colleagues after work.
  • Open terraces with benches and plants for short breaks during work.
  • A street-level and an underground car parkings.
  • Cyclists can enjoy an 80-space bicycle parking area with showers and changing rooms.

This modern office building is now a new home to many businesses and of course, visitors.
The façade combines unique and individually designed concrete slabs and large windows, while the interior uses natural wood panels and concrete.

The business centre merges organically into the landscape of the banks of the Nemunas, beautifully blending with its natural surroundings.

Kaunas, Lithuania
Floor space
32 000 square meters
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Heating & Cooling
Number of floors
Two connected towers: A tower - 12 and B tower - 8 stories tall
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 38
Project Type
New building

Technical Information

Benefits of the system-(s):
  • Cooling and heating of the building
  • Excellent microclimate
  • Energy saving and efficiency

Building area is 20.830 m2

Main data of the system installed:
  • 20mm Comfort plus pipe, spacing 150mm

Floor construction:

  • Covering 10mm 0,07W/mK
  • Raised floor 28mm 0,19W/mK
  • Air 162mm 0,025W/mK
  • Slab concrete 250mm 2,15W/mK
  • Heating (room 20°C)
  • Supply / return temperature 30°C-27°C
  • Capacity above 10,5 W/m2
  • Capacity below 36,7 W/m2
  • SUM 47,2 W/m2
  • Cooling (room 24°C)
  • Supply / return temperature 18°C-20 °C
  • Capacity above 5,3 W/m2
  • Capacity below 32,4 W/m2
  • SUM 37,7 W/m2

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