National Library of Latvia,

National Library of Latvia

National Library of Latvia is the most impressive industrial project in Latvia of the last decade. Uponor provided the building with Uponor underfloor heating and MLCP pipes.

Riga, Latvia
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Flexible Pipe Systems
Project Type
New building

Being the architectural symbol for Latvia, National Library of Latvia (LNL) has been appraised by many architects from all over the world. It’s social, cultural, historical, and educational importance has been recognised even by UNESCO.

The total area of the building is approximately 40 000 square metres. Under one glass roof, the building will house 1000 reading spaces, facilities for research, exhibition space, and a modern conference centre. It is estimated that the library will have around 3000 visitors every day.

 “The building of the Latvian National Library is one of the most technologically challenging projects in the history of Latvia. As the library is created to serve for many generations, the building materials have been selected very carefully, with special emphasis on energy efficiency”, says Vilnis Zvaners, SIA „Skonto Buve” engineer and the representative of the LNL constructor “The National Association of Construction companies”.

Uponor has been involved in the project already from the design phase, initiated in 2007. Uponor solutions were chosen not only because our products met all requirements; the biggest role played our capability to share our technical knowledge with designers, installers and supervisors. Our specialists visited the construction site to make sure everything was build according to Uponor recommendations, and it was highly appreciated by general CSP.

The building is equipped with Uponor underfloor heating solution, which has been installed to a total area of total 2200 square metres. Done this way, the heating is operating in the economical way, saving up to 12 per cent on energy and operation costs when compared to conventional systems. The main entrance area of the building will be heated by the underfloor water heating system, to ensure optimal temperature with saving on energy costs. 

Also, the water supply built into the building has been accomplished utilising Uponor’s reliable plumbing systems. In total 4100 metres of Uponor world-class MLCP 16-110 mm pipes were installed to operate the library’s water supply system, main part of it is Uponor Riser system.

National Library of Latvia

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