New Uponor IQ –Storm water system - Sustainability and Quality in Road Infrastructure ,

New Uponor IQ –Storm water system - Sustainability and Quality in Road Infrastructure

In December 2011 Central Finland´s ELY –centre (The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) started significant road constructing project in Jyväskylä. The aim is to create a new route between highways 18, 9 and 4, which helps reduce traffic jams and smoothes commutation. Uponor was chosen to be one of the suppliers due to our delivery capacity and overall cost efficiency.

Jyväskylä, Finland
Building Type
Product system
Storm water
Project Type
New building

The New route is scheduled to be ready in November 2013. Nearly two kilometers of Uponor IQ -pipes will be installed together with 250 drainage chambers and roughly five kilometers of drainage pipes. The contractor of this project is Destia.

Uponor IQ –pipes are Uponor´s latest innovation. The socket is integrated in the pipe during the manufacturing process. This makes the connection extremely tight and eliminates the possibility of leaks. It makes the product also very fast to install.

Reaction time plays huge role

On construction site the reaction time plays huge role. “It is important to stay on the schedule and be ready to react changes fast. Uponor can provide us the needed items fast” says the Site Manager Timo Vesterinen.

Road Infrastructure needs to be seen as an investment not as an expense.

Plastic increases its popularity constantly on civil engineering construction. The main raw material of Uponor pipes is polypropylene. Polypropylene has excellent resistance to impact, heat, frost and chemicals. This makes the lifetime of our pipes very long and it also allows to filter chemically strong waste water. In addition to durability pe (Polyethylene)- and pp (Polypropylene )- plastics are recyclable which is a valuable property.

Road transports still cover about 90 percents of cargo tons in Finland. This is the main reason why it is important to see road infrastructure as an investment not as an expense. In order to keep the roads in good condition it is crucial to make the groundwork properly and use high quality products. Roads need to last for decades. This puts high standards for the used pipes and chambers also. Concrete has a bit lower purchase price than plastic, but the overall cost may turn the other way.

Overall cost is the one that matters

Uponor IQ-Storm water system is manufactured in sizes 200-1200mm. To make the installment easier the socket and the pipe will be attached during the manufacturing process. This will ensure the tightness of the joint.

Uponor has previously worked with Destia. At this time by purchasing price, Uponor was not the cheapest option, but when looking at the overall cost the client was convinced about the cost efficiency of Uponor´s solution. “ When looking the cost of the whole lifecycle of the products, our solution is definitely the most economical.”  says Uponor´s Sales Manager Teemu Saarinen

New Uponor IQ –Storm water system - Sustainability and Quality in Road Infrastructure

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