Ultra Double replace concrete pipe line in Raahe,

Ultra Double replace concrete pipe line in Raahe

The old concrete pipe line in Raahe came to its end. The replacing pipe line was made of Uponor's newest sewer system, Ultra Double.

Raahe, Finland
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installation of Uponor Ultra Double with it’s biggest diameter 680 mm

Uponor Ultra Double is a sewer system which is easy and fast to install. The size variety is wide from 200 mm up to 680 mm including also the fittings. The Ultra Rib 2 fitting system is suitable also for Ultra Double system as well many other Uponor’s pipe system. Ultra Double pipe has a solid socket and together with the durable sealing ring, the joint is always tight. In addition, the solid socket reduces 50% the amount of joints in pipeline. Therefore the maintenance cost later on are low. Uponor Ultra Double system has the Nordic Polymark approval.

New pipe line to replace the old concrete pipe line

The first installation for Uponor Ultra Double was made with it’s biggest diameter 680 mm. The target was at the centre of Raahe city where old leaking sewer pipe line was replaced by Ultra Double. According to the CEO of Raahe Vesi, Mr. Esa Seppänen, the old concrete pipes were still on quite good condition but the joints were leaking in and the amount of sewer water was increased. Naturally, the costs of purification of sewer water were high.

The new sewer is the same diameter than the old pipe line, 680 mm. But the flow circumstances are clearly better so the overall capacity will be enough. Despite that in couple of years there will be even 6 new multistory buildings in the centre which will be connected to the sewer pipe line, says Esa Seppänen. The most important factor in decision making was the  joint technique that Uponor Ultra Double has. The tight joints are key issues in Raahe due to that the pipe line is installed lower than sea level. The danger of ground water leaking inside the pipe line is high as the old concrete joints proved. With Uponor Ultra Double there are significantly less joints in pipe line and together with durable sealing ring the leaking problem is now over.

The new pipe line is about 260 m long. While the old concrete pipes were excavated the new pipes were installed which made the whole process easy and fast. The excavation work was made by Maanrakennus E. Majava Oy and the pipes were installed by Raahen Vesi Oy’s own installers.

Ultra Double replace concrete pipe line in Raahe

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