Unique design ensures controlled stormwater drainage,

Unique design ensures controlled stormwater drainage

In Slagelse Municipality, there are requirements for the drainage of rainwater and wastewater to be separated, and therefore it was important that the wastewater solution on the street, Nordre Ringgade, was also updated in accordance with current legislation. The client has received an approved solution where the wastewater from the commercial property in no. 59 has been separated from the rainwater. The rainwater is now diverted directly from the 2,500 m2 car park.

Slagelse, Denmark
Building Type
Product system
Sewer Municipal, Storm water

The solution

The client was present ed with a concrete solution and an alternative plastic solution, and chose to enter into a collaboration with contractor Michael S Christensen A/S, who in consultation with Brdr. Dahl recommended Uponor's plastic pipe solution. The plastic material has good flow properties and high abrasion resistance to e.g. sand and gravel, which often flow from the roads and end up in the gutter wells, where a filtration takes place.

- We estimate the plastic solution at approx. half the price of the concrete solution. This is partly due to a smarter and more flexible workflow, shorter delivery times, faster installation time and required less machine power to handle the lighter plastic materials. All these advantages were a huge benefit to us, as there was a requirement for a quick and flexible installation, where the excavation area was also limited for the sake of the parking lot's many users, explains contractor Michael Christensen, EMSC.

Uponor did the calculations to ensure the most advantageous dimensions in relation to the water flow and the system volume, and at the same time took into account the limited space on the area. This resulted in Brdr. Dahl and Uponor recommended an optimization of the original solution. A new rainwater pipe in 200mm was upgraded to 400mm, which allows storage of larger volumes of water, where a water brake regulates the discharge to a maximum of 1.5 l / s.
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