Uponor pressure pipe system Profuse in Borås town,

Uponor pressure pipe system Profuse in Borås town

Better water flow in Frufällan

Borås, Sweden
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Potable water
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When the 250 mm-pipes Profuse replaced old 150 mm-pipes of cast-iron for a two km long distance in Frufällan, municipality will have an important capacity increase for the vitally important water supply. Furthermore the new pipes give less covers and by that less service need and better hygiene.


With the start at beginning of October 2009 a graduation of water pipes is going on Skogsrydsvägen in Frufällan outside Borås. A popular area which needs to be prepared for new houses and increased moving in with higher capacity for the water handling! The road is approx. two km and the work is calculated to be ready in February 2010. The work is ordered by Borås town and it is the Service office which carries out the job. The new pipes come mainly from Uponor.


The capacity increase is facilitated by the change from the old 150 mm pipes to Uponor’s pressure pipe system Profuse with the diameter 250 mm. Besides a distance of about 500 m where excavating was needed, the new pipes are drawn by pipe cracking. One takes stage by stage, transports poles through the old pipes and fixes the new pipe in the other end. Then the new pipes are pulled back and land right without devastating digging is needed. Pipe cracking is used on the remaining distance for 1,8 km.

“So besides the capacity increase with an increased diameter, you will now have a more hygienic pipe.”

Pipe cracking is a flexible method when new pipes will replace old ones. There will be less disturbances and ground damages. The risks are in crossing pipes and if the pipe should not go deep enough. Then cracks or damages can arise. To minimize the risks the constructors have a good check on all available pipes and they film both before and after the job.


The pressure pipes Profuse replace the old cast iron pipes. So besides the capacity raising with an increased diameter, you will furthermore get a more hygienic pipe. Cast iron has an inclination to put on many coats which risk stopping the flow completely. Such coats cannot come up in a plastic pipe. The new pipes on Skogsrydsvägen can be seen as a first step. “Quite certain more lengths will have new pipes with higher capacity onwards”, Magnus Eriksson, foreman on the Service office Borås town, says.

Uponor pressure pipe system Profuse in Borås town

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