Can Domenge,
Palma de Mallorca,

Energy efficiency, comfort and Mediterranean essence.

Can Domenge Residential Complex (Mallorca)

320 families live in the Can Domenge Residential Complex (Palma de Mallorca), developed by Grup Bauzá's real estate company Cotesa-Mallorca. A central and privileged area composed of 8 buildings whose names pay tribute to the city. Upunor joined the development's design team from the third building, Born (III) - following Bellver (I) and Almudaina (II), with its Combi Port and Aqua Port solutions, which form part of the housing units of the Rambla (IV), Marítim (V), La Seu (VI) and Tramuntana (VII) phases, in addition to the aforementioned Born.

Homes with 2 bedrooms or more in modern buildings that combine functionality and quality of materials with respect for the environment, and comfort and well-being thanks to Uponor underfloor heating systems and domestic hot water distribution.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Floor space
4.500 m2
Building Type
Multi family homes
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Flexible Pipe Systems
Carrer de l'Uruguai, 6, 07010 Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears
Project Type
New building

The opportunity to collaborate with Uponor was sought from the beginning of the project, but we were not able to start working together until phase 3, with the Born building, for which we pursued the main objective of optimising energy consumption and interior space in the homes," says Alex Gutierrez, Industrial Technician at Grup Bauzá specialising in Environment and Energy Efficiency. 

In order to design a centralised system, the heat generators - combined with solar energy - were placed on the roof. From there, the water is delivered to the households via a two-pipe distribution system to the Combi Port stations of each home, instantly producing DHW and Invisible Underfloor Heating.


Optimising energy consumption and space inside the home

The Uponor service team immediately carried out a study of phase 3, which we were designing at the time, and presented us with the possibility of installing the Combi Port. We then tested this solution in phase 2, which had not yet been delivered, and seeing the performance, investment and maintenance, our engineering team gave the go-ahead to include it in the project's installation programme," says Alex Gutierrez

The performance test carried out in phase 2 was among the reasons that convinced Bauzá's Technical Department to choose the Uponor solution Combi Port, where "it was possible to appreciate the quality of the equipment components at first glance, as well as the positive results obtained in the operating tests, where the temperature difference between the primary circuit and the DHW production temperature was barely 3 degrees". 

This collaboration continued to develop, optimising solutions based on accumulated experience, until the last of the recently completed developments (Tramuntana). In total, Uponor has been involved in 5 of the 7 buildings that make up Can Domenge, and the collaboration with Cotesa now extends to new projects that Grup Bauzá has underway.

 “The owners of the phases developed with Uponor are very satisfied, showing us that the decision was the right one. We have also managed to optimise the interior space of the home and increase the energy efficiency of the building" Alex Gutierrez, Industrial Technician of Grup Bauzá
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