Tap water system in Uppsala, Sweden with plastic manifolds and new pipe dimensions,

Tap water system in Uppsala, Sweden with plastic manifolds and new pipe dimensions

Kastanjegatan is located in Sala backe, 2.5 km from the centre of Uppsala. The housing association Uppsalahem is currently building new apartment buildings here.

Uppsala, Sweden
Building Type
Multi family homes
Product system
Flexible Pipe Systems
Project Type
New building

Uponor is supplying systems for tap water and heating in new pipe dimensions and with new manifolds, entirely made of plastic.


New construction is ongoing at Kastanjegatan in Sala backe. Housing association Uppsalahem is having 118 new apartments built. Of these 118 apartments, 28 are for young people, i.e. they are earmarked for people between 18–26 years of age, and 36 are for older people, earmarked for those 55 years and older. The remaining 54 apartments are open to all ages. The first tenants will move in during summer 2012, and the last in spring 2013.


The tap water system in the new building is from Uponor. The system at Kastanjegatan is unique because for the first time, Uponor combiPEX Q&E RIR is installed in new dimensions, 16 x 2.2 mm. A new manifold made entirely of plastic is also being introduced, the Uponor PPM manifold.


“We have been waiting for this new plastic manifold,” says Thomas Skärfstad, CEO of VVS-Rör AB in Västerås, who are installing the tap water systems at Kastanjegatan. “In a system with plastic pipes, it should be plastic through and through,” Thomas Skärfstad continues. “This means less environmental impact, demolition plans are simpler to carry out and it weighs less than traditional manifolds.” Additionally, a system entirely made of plastic is better value for money.” Mathias Storås of VVS-Rör, who participated in the installation of the Uponor systems at Kastanjegatan, is also pleased with the new product. “The plastic manifold has worked out really well. The new dimensions of the pipes are good, there are many ready-made accessories for 16-pipes.” “The Quick&Easy couplings are really superior to work with,” adds Mathias Storås. “You just can’t go wrong.”

“The water in Uppsala is good, but Uponor’s tap water system with the plastic manifold is especially suitable in areas with aggressive water, since it doesn’t require any metal whatsoever,” says Thomas Skärfstad. The new pipe dimensions offer advantages also at the planning stage. “The primary advantage of the new 16-pipe over the older 15-pipe is the increased inner diameter,” says Per Norling of Ketab VS-Konstruktioner AB. “On the heating side, it is possible to connect several radiators, and on the tap water side, you can go further with only one dimension. For example, at Kastanjegatan the wet rooms were located quite a long way from the stairwell manifolds, but we didn’t need to use 20-pipes. It’s easier both for us, the designers, and for those who carry out the installations,” says Norling.

About Uponor PEX tap water and radiator pipe systems

• Durability-tested in real conditions over 30 years
• Mounting box that simplifies installations and improves safety
• Tolerates high water speeds and all types of water quality
• Approved for foodstuffs in over thirty countries
• Does not rust or get covered with verdigris
• Pipe-in-pipe system (protective pipe and utility pipe) prevents water damage and facilitates upgrades and replacements
• Unique, self-tightening quick release Q&E (Quick & Easy)
• Does not release any taste, smell or heavy metals into the water

Tap water system in Uppsala, Sweden with plastic manifolds and new pipe dimensions

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