Aqua Dome - A Combination of Nature and Thermal Springs,

Aqua Dome - A Combination of Nature and Thermal Springs

Since 2004 a transparent building in the shape of a crystal and swimming pools shaped like satellites have been drawing a daily total of up to 900 visitors, all seeking well-being, to Längenfeld.

Längenfeld, Austria
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Radiant Heating & Cooling
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New building

As Austria's largest tourist project to date, the Aqua Dome is located on a site around 50,000 m² in size.

The new thermal springs and adventure park is located in the midst of the Oetztaler Alps. The Aqua Dome consists of the Längenfeld thermal springs alongside a 4-star (plus) hotel, the thermal dome, an open-air thermal spring, a sauna world, a beauty and spa zone, a fitness centre, a medical centre as well as the children's and family area "Noah's Alpine Ark". With its generous size, the Aqua Dome is perfectly suited to the mountainous Oetztaler landscape. The use of wood, stone and light has been carefully brought together by skilled architects, in order to highlight the close proximity to nature.

The entrance to the large thermal hall surprises the visitor - as they gain the impression of having walked into a dome. The imposing waterfall, the two internal pools with water temperatures of 34 and 36 degrees Celsius, the quiet rooms arranged like opera galleries, and the view through the glass facade to nature itself is simply magnificent. A solarium, various heated zones, and restaurants and shops complete the numerous internal options available. Two rivers flow out into the open-air spring and to an illuminated and heated glass crystal. From here one can gain access to the three pools, hovering on stalks.

Sitting in these 8 m-high steel pools, which range between 12 and 16 m in diameter, allows the visitor to be at one with nature and to forget the daily routine altogether. The pools are equipped with a brine bath and whirlpool. The 4-star (plus) hotel, belonging to the Aqua Dome, comprises more than 140 rooms, a lounge, bar, restaurant, library and seminar rooms with space for up to 250 guests. A heated walkway provides those visitors in bathrobes, with access below ground, between the hotel and the thermal springs, where hotel guests can enjoy their own quiet zone.

Laying Uponor Classic The Aqua Dome construction was fitted with approx. 12,700 m² of the effective panel heating system Uponor Classic. The system provides the thermal springs areas, the sauna, the Noah's Ark (children's zone) and the hotel itself with a comfortable level of warmth. The heat generation is achieved through a bio-fuel plant. 6.5 MW is generated in order to provide for the entire heating capacity. The room temperature in each of the Aqua Dome zones is regulated using the individual room regulator Genius.

The Genius room sensor is not dependant on location, thanks to its radio-controlled technology. No pre-planning is required, because the installation of cables linking the room sensors with the control units is not necessary. Instead, the Uponor Genius sends its information to the base unit by way of radio signals. It is also possible to equip systems with Genius at a later date. The individual room regulator can be installed in any location where an optimum temperature is required by those using the space.

Aqua Dome - A Combination of Nature and Thermal Springs

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