H-Tower in Kyiv,

H-Tower in Kyiv

H-Tower, the luxury residential complex in the centre of Kyiv, Ukraine is scheduled to open for business during spring 2012.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Building Type
Product system
Flexible Pipe Systems
Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevar, 28-30
Project Type
New building

The residential complex H-Tower is located on the boulevard Shevchenko, in the prestigious quarter of Kyiv, among governmental buildings and ambassadorial residences, just a few quarters from the Opera House and the "Golden Gate". Outside the complex, the capital city is showing its best and the Boulevards and picturesque streets are full of life. For instance the Botanical Garden which was founded over 150 years ago and one of the city’s key landmarks, its green pearl, is located directly in front of the H-Tower complex.

Modern architecture of Kyiv did not know such a construction before the H-Tower project. The quality of the European technology and its architectural integrity make the H-Tower one of the most prominent buildings in Kyiv.  Splendour in the fine details emphasizes the use of the best materials of the world-famous brands. This comes across, for instance, on the buildings magnificent interior areas, designed by architects famous over the world. High quality service, luxury and style all come together to create an atmosphere of elegant idleness.

The 26-storied building includes a business centre with 11 meeting rooms and a large conference room. The building also hosts the very first Hilton hotel in the country, hotel Hilton Kyiv, as well as a wellness centre with a Health Spa and fitness centre with swimming pool. For parties and events the buildings offers the services of a ballroom for 350 people and three-tier underground parking for 176 places.

One of the key elements in enabling the glamorous interior design and the user’s peace of mind while staying at the Hilton hotel Kyiv was the use of the Uponor Quick&Easy system for tap water. Uponor has been involved in projects with Hilton for many years and their success paved the way also for the company’s products being installed in the newest addition of the Hilton hotel family. Uponor’s expertise from the field of plumbing services was highly appreciated, as we can offer a comprehensive, safe and reliable solution for transporting clean water to its destination. Our simple but ingenious Quick&Easy connection system makes use of the shrinking back effect, which only works for crosslinked PE-Xa pipes produced by Uponor. In general, more than 5000 meters of Uponor Pex-a pipe with a protective layer was used to provide the customers of Hilton hotel the best possible experience while visiting Kyiv.

H-Tower in Kyiv

H-Tower in Kyiv
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