SPA Vilnius Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center,

SPA Vilnius Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center

The Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center is a modern SPA situated on 4 ha of land near the Forest of Anykščiai known for its beauty and unspoiled nature.

Developed and built by the SPA Vilnius Group the spa integrates parts of the famous wellness complex, the “Anykščių šilelis“, into a new complex comprising one reconstructed and one new building.
The four-storey reconstructed building was transformed into a 2,558 m2 hotel that includes 47 modern hotel rooms catering for 110 guests, a 40 seat conference room and a restaurant. An additional fifth storey was added and the basement was deepened. 

The new building houses 1,442 m2 of swimming pools as well as a sauna complex. There are is one pool for adults, one for children, a massage pool, a vertical bath pool for aerobics, a sauna complex, as well as rooms for salt and Arabic massages. The design of the building in the form of a pine cone makes it truly unique.
The SPA Vilnius Anykščiai complex opened its doors in the spring of 2014.

Anykščiai, Lithuania
Building Type
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Flexible Pipe Systems
Vilniaus str. 80, 29142 Anykščiai
Project Type
New building

The challenge

The new building placed high demands on technological solutions. Engineers and builders were faced with the implementation of innovative architectural plans, as well as finding solutions for heating, flashing issues and cold bridging.
This was made more challenging by the need to create an interior environment which enhances relaxation and well-being. Additionally, it was essential for the water distribution system to maintain the highest levels of health and hygiene in accordance with the standards of excellence required by the Anykščiai center.
Sustainability and energy efficiency were also of utmost importance, as great care was taken to integrate the building into the beauty of its natural surroundings. All systems were required to be eco-friendly and of exceptional quality and longevity.

The solution

Uponor water supply and drinking water systems were chosen for their quality, reliability and excellent environmental track record. Due to the unique nature of the project these systems were specially designed by Uponor to fulfill the requirements of the Spa center.
Uponor tap water systems use high-quality certified pipes with a 40-year guarantee. They are fitted with Uponor’s Quick & Easy fittings which eliminate the need for rubber intermediates and thus ensure safe and reliable plumbing. This makes them the ideal solution for the distribution of hot and cold water.
Additionally, the Uponor Aqua PE-Xa pipes used for the Anykščiai centre’s systems are flexible and rustproof. Not only do they provide fresh, safe drinking water, but the water stays odourless and maintains its pleasant taste.

Uponor products used
  • Uponor Aqua PE-Xa pipes 16-20
  • Q&E fittings system
  • Comfort Pipe PLUS
  • Uponor Wired 24V room temperature controls



SPA Vilnius Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center

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