Sustainable building and infrastructure solutions

We help our customers in residential and commercial construction, municipalities and utilities as well as in different industries to work faster and smarter, while end-users can enjoy ease and comfort.

Hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency for every building

We offer a range of products and solutions for the residential market, which enable pleasant living conditions in homes. Our durable solutions help to increase efficiency in the building or renovation of single and multi-family homes. 

Our products for safe and hygienic drinking water delivery and energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling are also an effective solution for the commercial market. Our solutions ensure a pleasant working environment in offices, and provide possibilities to lower installation, operation and maintenance costs for different public spaces. For hotels, we offer solutions that allow their customers to be in control of their comfort by adjusting the living conditions of their own rooms, while at hospitals our solutions meet the highest standards in hygiene, without compromising comfort and energy efficiency. 

Our portfolio of prefabricated solutions for the commercial segment are designed to make the build and, later, maintenance processes more efficient. Our preassembled plumbing and underfloor heating manifolds and complete state-of-the art prefabricated technical walls speed up any construction or renovation project, while at the same time making operation and maintenance faster and easier. 

High quality solutions for infrastructure with long lifetime

For municipalities and utilities, we offer solutions for the safe and effective distribution and management of water. Our underground infrastructure solutions can be used for the handling of stormwater, wastewater and sewage, as well as the distribution of drinking water and gas, and cable protection for electricity and telecommunications. We offer solutions for the management of stormwater, which enable surface runoffs to be directed into the stormwater network in a safe and managed way, helping to avoid flooding in urban areas. In addition to smaller wastewater and sewage systems, we offer sewer network products for municipal sewers to ensure effective sewer systems in fast-growing communities and cities. 

Our designed solutions for industrial customers are designed to take into account the customer-specific needs, requirements, operating conditions and future developments. Using our Weholite technology, structures can benefit from our cost efficient and durable solutions for transporting and handling water and energy. 
In addition to ready-made products, Uponor offers: 
  • Designs and calculations
  • Tailor-made products
  • Technical support
  • Field services
  • Project Management