Every day at work is different and I love it!

"Uponor has a great working culture where the individual is respected. I feel that I am valued and important just the way I am. This makes Uponor a great place to work.”

  • Paulina Erlandsson
  • In-House Sales
  • Uponor Infra
  • Fristad, Sweden

Paulina Erlandsson has always liked challenging herself with new things that push her out of her comfort zone. When she found an interesting job post on social media where Uponor Infra was looking for a person for a versatile role within in-house sales, she decided to challenge herself. After a year at Uponor, she is happy that she took the leap as she feels that she has found her second home. 
“I have found my second home and colleagues are my other family. We work like family team.”
Originally Paulina studied economics, but she later decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a pre-school teacher. After a couple of years as a pre-school teacher, life molded her dreams further and she took a job as a department manager at a consumer electronics retailer before moving on to in-house sales. When she applied for a position at Uponor, she knew a lot about in-house sales, but had no experience of the construction industry. She also saw the chance to build up a new role within in-house sales as a good challenge for herself.

Paulina describes her role as being a spider who weaves its web to bring together suppliers, customers and production. Her role involves among others plenty of customer contacts, delivery planning, handling of orders and being in close contact with construction sites. This means that every workday is different and she never knows what is going to happen next. It can mean, for example, directing a truck driver to the right address, delivering a new product quickly to a construction site or coordinating schedules. Usually it is problem solving on the highest level and this is something she loves. 
“One of the best things about my job is that every day is different and I never know in the morning what is going to happen during the day.”

Making everything run smoothly requires a very good overview of things. Sometimes this means putting pressure on colleagues as in-house sales is the link between production and customer. But this is part of the job. For Paulina, a dull day would mean that nothing happens. Thankfully this is extremely rare. 

Uponor’s company culture gets high points from Paulina. Colleagues  have become like a second family to her. This is important as we work eight hours a day with the same people and all team members are equally important.
“Uponor has a great working culture where the individual is respected. I feel that I am valued and important just the way I am. This makes Uponor a great place to work.”

Uponor also values employees’ free time. Paulina loves to spend her free time with her family at home or at the family cottage. She likes music and is a big fan of old cars. Three times a week she trains karate with her son who got her involved in the sport. 
“Karate is great for body control and you get to train all your muscles, but for me it especially means quality time with my son. We have also made many new friends through this hobby.”

Paulina is a great example of a person who is not afraid of challenges and has the courage to step outside of her comfort zone. On top of this, she is a happy and caring colleague who is able to control complex processes with a smile.

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