New ways of working create new opportunities and ease cooperation

“In order to keep up with the world’s development, it’s essential to try new things and take into use those that work best for you.”

  • Perttu Havulehto
  • Building Project Manager
  • Building Solutions - Europe
  • Tuusula, Finland 

Meet Perttu Havulehto, Building Project Manager, who works in project sales for Building Solutions – Europe at Uponor. He loves sales and his job within sales but there is much more to him than that. Perttu is a hands-on professional and likes to do things in new ways. As the world develops, Perttu wants to develop with it. This also applies to project sales. Perttu feels that new ways of working give rise to new opportunities and ease cooperation between different parts of the company. 
 “In order to keep up with the world’s development, it’s essential to try new things and take into use those that work best for you.”
After completing his information management studies, Perttu lived and worked in Central Finland for over 15 years. He came into contact with the building industry for the first time when he started working in sales and marketing for a building materials company. Seven years went by quickly. Initially, Perttu wanted to pursue a career more related to information management only to realize later that the building industry was more interesting. So after a stint in digital marketing company, he decided to return to sales first at a smaller HPAC planning company and then at a big international building materials company.

When a chance to join Uponor arose, Perttu was ready for it. Through his career, Uponor had become a familiar brand to Perttu and he was interested in seeing what it would be like to work at Uponor. The job also offered him a great chance to utilise his past work experience from building solutions, HPAC planning and project sales. As Building Project Manager, Perttu is responsible for projects in project sales.
“At Uponor I can combine all my previous work experience from the different aspects of building industry.”

Perttu’s current job description suits him well. His main focus areas are marketing, sales and development work. For Perttu marketing means visibility and that people in the industry know his name. As a result, he likes to speak at exhibitions about plumbing repairs and be active in different cooperation initiatives. Contrastingly, sales means projects where a suitable solution is offered to the customer. Perttu is officially involved in the negotiations until the contract is signed, but he likes to keep tabs on the project to the end. Perttu’s third focus area is development work. Project sales is relatively new at Uponor and it works in a different way compared to traditional sales. Perttu is keen to develop its sales process. He is also involved in Uponor’s other development projects and active on sales team’s social media group.
“I love to develop things that could perform better than they are.”

Happy customers and smooth cooperation are the best parts of Perttu’s job. Despite enjoying immensely all of the development projects, he still gets the best kick out of sales. When a mutual understanding with customer has been reached and a contract has been signed, Perttu is happy. The most challenging part of his job is facing the unexpected things that might come up during the project phase. Sales make promises to customers, but sometimes everything does not go to plan. Then an alternative solution, which needs to be acceptable to the customer, has to be found .
“As a sales person, I need to know what the realities of production are, so that I don’t give false promises to customers.”

Uponor’s strong brand is also important to Perttu. It eases interaction with customers as they often know something about Uponor before negotiations. Perttu speaks highly of his superior who allows him to work independently and trusts him, but also listens and helps when needed. Independent working style is not always appreciated in big companies, but this is not the case at Uponor. Perttu also feels that Uponor is not too bureaucratic. All the basic things are taken care of so that employees can concentrate on doing their job. As Uponor is spread around Europe and the US, it might feel that you get to work closely with only a small number of employees, but Perttu has always been warmly welcomed in all Uponor locations. This is something that Perttu really appreciates in his colleagues.
“I have always been warmly welcomed in all Uponor locations that I have visited.”

There is also life outside of work for Perttu. He lives with his family and dog in Southern Finland quite close to his hometown. Thai boxing is a dear hobby that Perttu enjoys practicing with his son. It also gives them quality time together. Cross-country biking and golf are his favourite hobbies during the summer. Every now and then he also makes room for trips abroad with his wife. 

Perttu really is an open-minded inventor who is not afraid of trying new things. There are never too many people like this around. He is also a natural speaker who can explain things clearly and without sounding like he is always trying to sell you something. 

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