People First

We place people first in everything we do. Our employees is our biggest strength and supporting individual growth is our privilege. In 2022 we launched our People First strategy which consists of five key pillars: Well-being and Safety, Culture, Leadership, Talent, and Employer Branding.

One Team - A highly collaborative, unified, and engaged performance-based culture

We advocate collaboration and the creation of a unified, engaged, and performance-based culture that is centered around our people.

In today’s busy world and working environment, physical well-being is not enough. We also want to ensure stable mental well-being, by offering our employees a good and stable work culture that is the foundation of happy employees. In 2022, the engagement level, eNPS, was at 37 which is above the 25% top industry benchmark. 

Team culture
Value people

Inspired Leadership Maximising Performance

We invest in developing our leadership capabilities and provide opportunities to grow and inherit our sustainability mindsets by inspiring talent and maximizing performance.

In the leadership pillar, we set clear expectations about what it means to be a leader at Uponor and then create opportunities for our leaders to develop and strengthen their capabilities to lead their teams.  Our leaders are integral to creating the unified, high-performing culture we are striving for and have an important role to fill to inspire and motivate their teams. Our most senior leaders have regular touchpoints for global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Stronger Together - Diversity to Fuel Innovation

We offer our employees a working environment where they thrive and feel appreciated and respected regardless of their religion, sex, national or social origin, or any other status. As members of Charta der Vielfalt, we endorse equal opportunities and recognition and integration of diversity into business culture. Diversity is often an untapped resource that encourages different viewpoints and drives innovation. We foster our diverse workforce and excel because of the competence it brings. 

As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy, we strive to occupy at least 40% females and 40% males in the top 50 management positions.

Target by 2027:

  • At least 40% females and 40% males in the top 50 management positions
Uponor great place to work

A Clearly Differentiated Great Place to Work

We are known for our strong employee culture of collaboration and productivity. Besides our talent management programs, we continuously listen to our employees and aim to remain an attractive employer for our talents. In 2022, we received the “Great Place to Work” Award in Spain, Poland, the UK, and for our Frankfurt office in Germany.

In the United States, we were honored with the Top Workplace Award, which is entirely based on feedback from an employee engagement survey conducted by independent third-party research.

Raised Awareness around Safety and Wellbeing

Our employees are our most valuable asset and their safety and well-being are our top priority. We have set an ambition of Zero accidents. To increase visibility on the importance of safety to employees and to reinforce the safety guidelines we have launched the Mission Zero strategy. The campaign includes extensive plans to reduce our Lost-Time-Incident Frequency rate (LTIF) by 30% every year.
In recent years we have continuously reached that target, however, in 2022 our LTIF rate increased (to 6 from 4.8) and corrective actions including a new safety tool were implemented.

  • Reduce LTIF rate by 30% annually
  • Zero accidents
Mission Zero

Positive societal impact

We want to give back to the society and the communities we operate it through various global and local initiatives and projects.

Moving forward towards net-zero

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain. We have defined a clear path and set ambitious milestones forward to lead by example and reach net-zero operations by 2040.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified 7 essential Development Goals our actions and value truly contribute to.

Doing business the right way

We ensure transparency on ethical business culture at Uponor and advocate fair and collaboration-based relationships.