Sustainable products and solutions to lead the industry towards circularity

We pursue designing solutions with transparent carbon footprint calculations and low operational impact on the environment to support our customers in their sustainability transition. For us, a sustainable solution equals a long service lifetime and the highest product quality.

By 2027, we strive to offer sustainable alternative for 50% of our product portfolio. As the first major step to realize our target, we have launched a variety of products with significantly lower carbon footprint, which we have labeled under the Uponor Blue – brand.

Uponor Blue is setting new standards with renewable raw materials

PEX Pipe Blue

  • World’s first bio-based PEX pipes for tap water, underfloor heating, and radiator connections
  • Up to 90% lower carbon footprint
  • Guaranteed product-level transparency

Ultra Rib 2 Blue

  • Sustainable gravity plastic pipe
  • Over 50% of renewable feedstock
  • Up to 70% lower carbon footprint
  • Over 100 years expected lifetime
  • Meets double Nordic Polymark quality certificate requirements

IQ Blue

  • Ground-breaking stormwater pipe
  • Double wall non-pressure gravity pipe made of polypropylene and renewable feedstock
  • Up to 70% lower carbon footprint
  • Over 100 years expected lifetime
  • Solid in-line socket that reduces the number of joints needed by 50%

Solutions paving the way for net zero

Ensuring product transparency

Sustainability goes hand in hand with transparency and we provide our customers with full transparency to our products’ impact on the environment.
  • With EPDs, you can evaluate and optimize the CO2 footprint of buildings by selecting the most sustainable solutions
  • We aim to cover 90% of our product portfolio EPDs by 2027, and the entire product portfolio latest by 2030

Reference highlights with sustainable Uponor solutions that lead the way

Moving forward towards net-zero

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain. We have defined a clear path and set ambitious milestones forward to lead by example and reach net-zero operations by 2040.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified 7 essential Development Goals our actions and value truly contribute to.

Taking care of our employees

We place people first in everything we do. Our employees is our biggest strength and supporting individual growth is our privilege.

Positive societal impact

We want to give back to the society and the communities we operate in through various global and local initiatives and projects.

Doing business the right way

We ensure transparency on ethical business culture at Uponor and advocate fair and collaboration-based relationships.