Uponor Iberia headquarters and logistics hub - Móstoles, Madrid,

Uponor Iberia headquarters and logistics hub - Móstoles, Madrid

This building complex is an exceptional reference on how sustainability and energy efficiency can be included into modern commercial and industrial building project

Móstoles, Spain
Building Type
Office building
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Local Heat Distribution, Flexible Pipe Systems
Senda de la Chirivina s/n Ant. Ctra. Extremadura Km. 20,700
Project Type
New building

The complex comprises the company´s corporate offices for both Spain and Portugal, and the logistics complex serving both countries.

In the office building, Uponor´s thermally active building structures have been used for heating and cooling. The system is actually built into the floor and the ceiling. The system uses concrete´s thermal mass by embedding Uponor piping circuits into the actual structure of the building, wich then carry water used for heating and cooling the installations. The TABS system helps keep the environment noticeably cooler, in addition to adding to the basic heating in the building. The piping uses the concrete core of the building´s mass to store and release the thermal load. The Uponor LHD heating ald cooling distribution system makes it possible to cut energy distribution losses by 20% compared to conventional systems.

In addition, the 400 m2 os floor-space occupied by the Uponor Academy include a system of active slabs that works via thick decking of prefabricated concrete. This area is supplied by renewable energy: solar thermal energy, absorption and geothermal power, and is a clear reference point for the "nearly zero energy" concept.

The logistics hub incorporates an invisible industrial radiating flooring and allows an area of high-level thermal comfort in a building in wich, due to great vertical distance between the floor and the ceiling, other, conventional, all-air systems would be inadequate and not very comfortable.

Moreover, the plumbing system serving the bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens has been executed using the exclusive and unique Uponor Quick&Easy system. The Uponor office and logistics complex includes over 150 points of consumption.

The building complex is thus a paradigm of modern architecture, energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

No wonder then, that in 2012, the building was awarded first prize by ASPRIMA, (Madrid Developers and Constructors Association), for "Best Technological and Sustainable Building Initiative".

Uponor Iberia headquarters and logistics hub - Móstoles, Madrid

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