Intake pipeline for seawater in Copenhagen Harbour,

Intake pipeline for seawater in Copenhagen Harbour

Butt welding by night of 900 mm pipes ensures stable operation of a district cooling solution in Copenhagen Harbour.

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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In connection with the construction of a major seawater facility in Copenhagen’s fashionable harbour area, Kvæsthusmolen, Hofor Fjernkøling A/S has established a new 900 mm intake pipeline for seawater.

In cooperation with the contractor, MJ Eriksson A/S, Uponor Infra has installed a 3000 mm manhole, with 900 mm valves controlling cooling water under the spectacular staircase called Kissing Stairs.

Using water from Copenhagen Harbor for cooling, Uponor Infra has contributed to exploit natural resources sustainably. We have supplied 360Project Services and has contributed to achieve a number of advantages for Copenhagen Harbour:

  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Up to 70% CO2 reduction
  • Financial savings up to 40%
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy and capital costs
  • High security of supplies
  • Less noise and less space requirements

Intake pipeline for seawater in Copenhagen Harbour

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