TV-Tower, Estonia,

TV-Tower, Estonia

The tallest building in Estonia and the major cultural attraction, the Tallinn TV-Tower, is equipped with Uponor underground ventilation technology.

Tallinn, Estonia
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TV-Tower located in Tallinn is the tallest building in Estonia with its height of 314 metres and total weight of 20 000 tons. The building was originally constructed as one of the Olympic sites during the Olympic Games 1980 hosted by the USSR, and has been one of the main Estonia’s attractions since then. After its renovation, TV-tower serves as the interactive museum, tourism centre, and gallery. From the viewing platform, located at a height of 170 metres, visitors can admire the breath-taking view of Tallinn and the captivating Baltic Sea.

Due to the unique nature of the high-rise building, and the old building being renovated into a state of the art cultural attraction, strict criteria were set for its ventilation technology. Uponor was up to the challenge with its underground ventilation system, which is a standardised, underground-installable plastic system.   

The system is easy to install and cost optimal throughout its life cycle. As saving time and money is always a good thing on a major building project, Uponor ventilation system was a stand-out choice for the TV tower renovation challenge. Following the wishes of the designer, the building has been equipped with 120 metres of Uponor ventilation ducts on the total installation area of 6974 square metres.

Among other benefits, Uponor underground ventilation saved significantly space indoors, which was one of the main requirements for the high-rise building. Additionally, as the system saves space and is quite flexible, it has given more freedom to creativity of the designer. Moreover, the system is resistant to impact, and thus can serve longer.

TV-Tower, Estonia

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